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Women riding horses, Sweetwater, Texas

Description: Photograph of women sitting on horses side-saddle in long riding dresses in Sweetwater, Texas. They were the wives of West Texas's most promient citizens. Named from left to right: Mrs. Grundy Thurman Mrs. Jim Newman Mrs. Thomas Trammell Mrs. J.H. Beall Mrs. Dove F. McCaulley Mrs. R.A. Ragland
Date: unknown

Sweetwater Saloon

Description: Photograph of men standing in front of the Sweetwater Saloon. Retail beer is advertised at 5 cents
Date: unknown

Windsor Hotel, Sweetwater Texas

Description: People posing on the outside and entrance and on the second floor balcony of the Windsor Hotel in Sweetwater, Texas. A man and two women are on horses and a man is on a horse drawn wagon.
Date: unknown

Sweetwater House hotel, Sweetwater, Texas, ca. 1880's

Description: Men on horses outside the Sweetwater House hotel in Sweetwater, Texas, ca. 1880's. It was a cowboy hotel where men from the Tucson Land and Cattle Company Ranch, Bunton Ranch, Arlington Cattle Company, D.Q. and 9R Ranches would stay until the wagons began running again. The cowboy pictured on the left is Rick Burns, and the other one on his horse is Lang Aycock.
Date: unknown

[Sweetwater Mercantile Co., 1900]

Description: Men and women posing outside the Sweetwater Mercantile Company in Sweetwater, Texas. The building was established by W.E and G.H Cornell of Fort Worth and was owned by several more people before it was torn down in 1903 to make a new structure.
Date: unknown

[C.H & W.E Connel General Merchandise, 1882]

Description: Men pose in front of the C.H. & W.E Connell General Merchandise Store in 1882 in Sweetwater, Texas. Last names of men written on picture and identified by number. 1. Berry 2. Hill 3. Prince 4. Johnson 5. Sloan 6. Green 7. Taylor 8. Germany 9. Beall
Date: unknown