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Street Scene in Ft. Worth, Texas

Description: Photograph of a street scene in Ft. Worth, Texas. Inlaid in the brick road are trolley tracks and on the road are a few people and horse-drawn buggies. On either side of the road are large business buildings and sidewalks lined with railings. There is a sign on the left side of the road that reads, "Majestic Theatre, Moder Vaudeville, 2 Performances Daily." There are also many telephone and electric poles and wires.
Date: unknown

Street Scene and Pool Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas

Description: Photograph of many horse-drawn buggies, including one with bales of hay stacked on it, and a tall tree in front of a two-story house. On the right side of the frame is a large building with "Havana Cigar" and "Pool Hall" painted on the side. Scattered throughout are telephone and electricity poles and wires and there are trolley tracks in the foreground.
Date: unknown

B.B. Paddock and Others

Description: Studio photograph of thirteen men, including B.B. Paddock seated in the center row, second from left. All of the men are wearing suits and vests. Five of the men are holding hats, including bowlers. Five are wearing watch chains, eight are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and two have glasses. Ten of the men have mustaches including one with a goatee. The men are on two rugs and there are two windows in the background.
Date: unknown

B.B. Paddock and Other Confederate Veterans

Description: Photograph of seven Civil War veterans, including B.B. Paddock who is second from the right in the back row. The men are wearing old Confederate uniforms, two with ribbons attached to their jackets and the rest with medals and insignia attached. Four of the men are wearing bow ties, three have mustaches and four have beards. The man seated in the center has a walking cane and the man on his right has a cigar. In the background is a bed, large curtains, and on the wall are two light fixtures and a framed painting. There is a light hanging from the ceiling.
Date: 1908

B.B. Paddock and Siblings

Description: Studio photograph of B.B. Paddock (standing on the left) and his siblings, including Mary Brown (seated on the right) and Jim Paddock. Mary Brown is wearing a dark long-sleeved dress with a white scarf around her neck. Her hair is gray and curly. The men all wear dark suits. B.B. Paddock wears a bow tie and has a mustache, the man next to him has a necktie and a mustache, and the seated man has a full gray beard and mustache.
Date: unknown
Creator: Greens

Confederate Soldiers Reunion

Description: Photograph of nine men and three women at a Confederate Reunion. Six of the men are in Confederate uniform while the other three wear suits, one with a vest and one with a tie. Five of the men have ribbons attached to their coats. Five men have mustaches and four have beards. The man third from the right is holding a walking cane and the man five from the right, in the center, is B.B. Paddock. Behind the men stand three women in white dresses with large ribbons attached to their shoulders. The woman on the right is wearing glasses, gloves and holding a large Texas flag. Every person in the photo wears a hat. In the background is a brick building with curtained windows.
Date: unknown

Theodore Roosevelt Visiting Ft. Worth, Texas

Description: Three photographs stitched together showing an enormous crowd gathered to greet President Theodore Roosevelt in front of the Texas and Pacific Railway Station. The crowd contains men and women, all wearing hats. The men wear suits and the women wear dresses or blouses and skirts. The train station is on the left side of the frame and on the right side, in the background, are several buildings including a drug store, a pharmacy, and a saloon. People are seated on rooftops and telephone poles. Throughout the photograph are telephone and electricity poles and on the far left side of the photograph is a train.
Date: 1905
Creator: Swartz, C.L.

Ft. Worth Cityscape, 1920s

Description: Photograph of the Ft. Worth cityscape in the 1920s. The photograph shows, from left to right, the Neil P. Anderson Building, City Hall, Star-Telegram Building, W.C. Stripling Company Building, Burk Burnett Building, Carnegie Library, W.T. Waggoner Building, First National Bank Building, Texas State Bank Building, F. and M. Bank Building, Flatiron Building, and the Texas Hotel. City Hall has a tall clock tower, the Carnegie Library has a rooftop balcony, the flatiron building has a rooftop water tower and a fire escape and in the foreground are tall trees and telephone wires.
Date: unknown

Polytechnic Public Schools Faculty, 1911-1912

Description: Studio photograph of fourteen faculty at the Polytechnic Public Schools Faculty in Ft. Worth, Texas. Seated in the front row are three men and three women, and standing in the back row are seven women and one man. The men are wearing suits with bow ties and neckties and one has a vest and mustache. The women are wearing long lace dresses, one is wearing a headband, one a brooch, two with necklaces and one is holding a purse. They are atop a rug and in front of a backdrop.
Date: 1912

Collage of Men and Vehicles in Ft. Worth, Texas, 1920s

Description: Collage of seven photographs of scenes in Ft. Worth, Texas in the 1920s. The top left, top right, and middle right photographs show several horse-drawn buggies with several men in them. The top center and middle center photographs show a horse-drawn buggy with a covered top and men in suits and straw hats as passengers. In front and beside the buggy is a motorcycle driven by a young man in a suit, boots, and newsboy cap. In the background of these photographs are city streets and stores. The middle left and bottom photograph show several men in suits and ties, one with a bow tie. Some are wearing or holding straw hats, jackets, and caps. Two are holding cigars and one is holding a cigarette.
Date: unknown

Ranger, Texas Police Force

Description: Photograph of the Ranger, Texas Police Force. There are seventeen men total, three are seated and four standing on the porch and ten are lined up in front of the porch. The four men standing on the porch are wearing suits, hats, vests and neckties. The rest of the men are wearing dark police uniforms with shiny buttons, vests, hats, collared shirts and bow ties or neckties. Three of the men have large mustaches. George Cooper, the Police Chief, is seated in the center.
Date: unknown

Cleburne, Texas Baseball Players, 1906

Description: Photo collage of the Cleburne baseball team in 1906. In the center of the collage is a studio photograph of the entire team with coach Doak Roberts seated in the center and young boy in front of him. Four members of the team are seated on the floor with the front two lying on the boy's knees. Surrounding the center photograph are thirteen studio portraits of the individual players with Coach Doak Roberts in the top center. Throughout the collage are cutouts of the players in action - catching the ball, batting and throwing. The players names are written illegibly underneath their pictures and the words, "Cleburne 1906" surround the center photograph. On the mat at the bottom is written, "In Group Doak Roberts, Bat Boy -"
Date: 1906
Creator: Shaw

Star Telegram Economy Endurance, Automobile Racing, 1920s

Description: Six photographs attached to a black piece of cardboard that is in four pieces. The top of the board reads, "Star Telegram Economy Endurance. Fort Worth to Waco and return May 20th, 18 Cars Entered". The top left photograph shows several men, mostly in suits and hats, surrounding or seated in an old car. Written beside and beneath it is, "Franklin #2, M.T. Bell Driver, En.918 E.C. 7420". The photograph beneath that shows a car on a city street with three men in it and "EN. 941, EC. 1165" beneath it. The top middle photo shows a car with the number 3 on it with a driver and several men behind it plus two women leaning out of a window in the background. Written beneath it is, "EC. 9094 EN. 958, Maxwell 28-80, J. Illingsworth Driver, Winner of Endurance". Below that is a similar picture with, "Winner of Economy" written beneath it. In the top right-hand corner is a photo of a car with the number 8 on it and two men in the car with "En. 952 beneath it and, "Jackson" beside it. Below that is a photo of a car with several men surrounding it and a tree in the background with, "EN. 957, Franklin #1, E.W. Talbut Driver" below it.
Date: unknown

Tarrant County Courthouse and Public Square in 1879

Description: Photograph of the Tarrant County Courthouse and public square. The courthouse is in the center of the photograph and surrounding the building are many men in jackets and cowboy hats with wagons pulled by horses. In the foreground is a wagon topped with haystacks and men standing on top of it. In the background are several buildings and a stack of lumber. A piece of paper at the bottom of the photograph reads, "The Public Square and Court House in 1879. To the East can be seen the Old Masonic Hall with belfry and opposite (south) the old jail."
Date: 1879

Texas Automobile Dealers and Factory Representatives Banquet, 1916

Description: Photograph of a large amount of men in dark suits seated around dinner tables in a banquet hall. Most of the men are wearing vests and all are wearing bow ties or neckties. Some of the men have mustaches or glasses. The tables are covered in white tablecloths and fine dinnerware with small lamps. The ornate room is topped with a balcony upon which Texas flags are hanging and there is a chandelier is hanging from the ceiling. In the bottom right-hand corner are the words, "Fort Worth Star-Telegram Banquet to Texas Automobile Dealers and Factory Representatives, Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, Jan. 26, 1916" and in the bottom left is, "Kaufmann and Fabry Co., Chicago".
Date: January 26, 1916
Creator: Kaufmann and Fabry Co.

Employees of First National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas, 1893

Description: Studio photograph of ten employees of the First National Bank of Fort Worth. All of the men are wearing suits with vests, five are wearing watches with chains, four are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and one is wearing a corsage. Two of the men have beards and mustaches and four have mustaches. Four men are seated on chairs in the front row. They are on top of a rug and in front of a fake backdrop. In the back row from left to right is J.M. Tewmey, T.P. Martin Jr., Norman Enelson, J.W. Valliant, Taylor Cupp, and J.P. Smith Jr. In the front row from left to right is W.D. Peak, M.B. Loyd, E.B. Harrold and T.W. Slack.
Date: 1893

Grocers and Butchers Assosciation of North Fort Worth, 1905

Description: Photograph of at least a hundred people gathered on the steps of a large stone building. Women in white dresses and hats and children take up the first couple of rows. Behind them are many men, mostly dressed in suits, ties and hats. There are two signs and one banner held up that read, "The Best Thing That Ever Happened for the Mfg'rs. Clobbers and Retailers", "2nd Anual Picnic & Barbecue, Grocers & Butchers, Ass'n." and "Grocers and Butchers Association. Behind the group are six tall pillars and open windows with people leaning out of them. On the bottom right-hand corner of the mat is printed, "Photo by C.L. Swartz, 108 West Fifth St., Fort Worth, Texas."
Date: 1905
Creator: Swartz, C.L.

Oil Field in Beaumont, Texas, 1901

Description: Photograph of very many derricks in an oil field. In the foreground are wooden shacks, stacks of wooden boards, smokestacks with smoke plumes rising out of them. In the bottom right-hand corner is the name, "Trost".
Date: 1901
Creator: Trost Studio

The Lucas Gusher, 1901

Description: Photograph of the Lucas gusher in 1901. The Lucas gusher is a spindletop that is gushing oil out of the top of it. On the ground surrounding the spindletop are several workers, two holding a large hose.
Date: 1901