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[Billiard Hall & Judge Roy Bean]

Description: Photograph of Judge Roy Bean in front of the Jersey Lilly and Billiard Hall. The text, "Judge Roy Bean Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Law west of the Pecos", is posted on the building.
Date: unknown

[Courthouse and Cottle County Officials]

Description: Photograph of 11 Cottle County Officials standing in front of the courthosue in 1900. All of the men are wearing hats. Back of photograph: "Some of the men shown in the picture, with the old courthouse at Paducah in the background, were instrumental in the organization and early development of Cottle County. The old courthouse, built in 1884...Seen in the picture, which was made in 1900, are left to right), H.P. Cook, tax assessor; J.C. Evans, commissioner; M.F. Knowles, county judge; J.H. Doolen, justice of the peace; J.M. Barron, sheriff; Dan Jenkins, county treasurer; Roddy Neff, county clerk; John W. Carroll, surveyor; J.J. Thomas, Joe Robertson and G.W. Woodley, commissioners."
Date: unknown

[Men on horses with dogs]

Description: Photograph of a group of men on horses and dogs. There are two dogs in the photograph, one dog is sitting with a man on the left.
Date: unknown

[Street scene in Haskell]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in 1905 Haskell, Texas. There are various stores and other places of business on the street.
Date: unknown

[Joseph Jones Family]

Description: Photograph of the Joseph Jones Family in 1895. The family is shown sitting in front of a house. Mrs. Jones is shown holding a child. There is a horse in the background.
Date: unknown

[Men near gallows]

Description: Photograph of four men standing near the gallows. Jim Toots and Joe McMillan are shown along with two other men.
Date: unknown

[Officials of Hamilton County]

Description: Photograph of 17 Hamilton County Officials. Some of the men are holding hats. There are three men in the front wearing bow ties.
Date: unknown

[Man awaiting execution]

Description: Photograph of Jim Toots awaiting execution. Joe McMillan and Daggett Phillips are shown with Toots.
Date: unknown

[Old Stone Fort at Nacogdoches]

Description: Photograph of a fort in Nacogdoches. There are men and a wagon in front of the Fort. Back of photograph: "THis picture of the Old Stone Fort at Nacogdoches was taken in 1885, 16 years before it was destroyed. The replica, which will be constructed on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College at Nacogdoches will be almost identical to the original. Many historic incidents in Texas' development took place in the old fort, which was built in 1889 by Antonio Gil Y'Barbo, wealthy Spanish landowner. "
Date: unknown

[Corthouse in Ozona]

Description: Photograph of the courthouse in Ozona, Texas. There is a dirt road and a fence in front of the courthouse.
Date: unknown

[Clay Street in Nocona Texas]

Description: Photograph of North Clay Street in Nocona, Texas. There is a hardware and furniture store on the left as well as a grocery store. The road in front of the shopping center is not paved.
Date: unknown
Creator: Kiser Photo

[Mule teams]

Description: Photograph of mule teams with multiple wagons in a field. There is a man sitting on top of one of the wagons. The photograph was taken in the 1870's.
Date: unknown

[Water plant in Grapevine]

Description: Photograph of the Grapevine Municipal Water Plant in 1909. The building has two of the three windows facing the street open. There is a water tower behind the building.
Date: unknown

[First State Bank]

Description: Photograph of the First State Bank. There is a group of men standing in front of the bank.
Date: unknown

[Unknown building in Mineral Wells]

Description: Photograph of an unknown building in Mineral Wells, Texas. There is a man standing near a road in front of the building. The building is surrounded by a fence.
Date: unknown

[Mobeetie Post Office]

Description: Photograph of the Mobeetie post office, the first post office in the Panhandle.
Date: 1878

[Street scene in Midland]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in Midland, Texas in the 1920s. The Llano Hotel is in the background, and there are cars lining the street.
Date: unknown