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America : with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings.

Description: Map shows geography and settlements in known parts of mid-seventeenth century North America and South America. Includes text, colored illustrations of Native Americans, settlers, and settlements. Inset: [Greenland and Iceland]. California is depicted as an island and the Great Lakes are not shown. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:45,000,000].
Date: 1676
Creator: Speed, John, 1552?-1629


Description: Map shows portions of "Tartaria," "India within Ganges," "The Ile Corea" [Korea as an island], Japan, the Great Wall, cities and provinces of China, and part of [North] America. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1676

Americæ Nova descriptio

Description: This map shows the western hemisphere including North and South America and the surrounding areas. Some regions are outlined in color and places, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked pictorially in color. There are several color illustrations of ships and creatures in the oceans. Place names are also noted. Scale [ca. 1:50,000,000].
Date: 1682
Creator: Seile, Anne, d. 1678 & Vaughan, Robert

A map of a new world between New Mexico and the frozen sea newly discovered by Father Lewis Hennepin Missionary Recollect and Native of Aht in Hainault; dedicated to his majesty of Great Britain William III.

Description: Map shows known extent of North America from New Britain and New France to California, Mexico, New Spain, the Gulf of Mexico, and West Indies; areas of Native American habitation and some settlements. Inset: [Map of Japan]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1682..1702]
Creator: Hennepin, Louis, 17th cent.

Amerique meridionale divisée en ses principales parties ou sont distingués les vns des autres les estats suivant qu'ils appartiennent présentement aux François, Castillans, Portugais, Hollandois, & c

Description: Map shows South American political boundaries, ports, coastline detail, inland settlements, areas of Native American habitation. Includes notes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:16,000,000].
Date: 1685
Creator: Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667.

A generall [sic.] chart of the South Sea from the River of Plate to Dampiers Streights on ye coast of New Guinea

Description: Map shows islands islands in the "South Sea" and partial eastern coast lines of land forms including New Guinea and Japan; lower portion of North America including the eastern coast as far north as New England, the islands of the Caribbean, Central America, and all but the eastern portion of South America. California shown as an island. Includes cartouche and one historical note of discovery for "Staten Land" in the South Sea. Scale not given.
Date: [1690..1710]
Creator: Keating, Christopher

A new map of North America : shewing [sic.] its principal divisions, chief cities, townes, rivers, mountains &c.

Description: Map shows known extent of North America and the West Indies; "English plantations," "Florida", "New Mexico or New Granada," "Mexico or New Spain"; California as an island; Great Lakes as: Traci or Upper L. Illinois L., Huron L., Erie L. or Cats L., Ontario L. or Frontenac; missions and settlements. Includes table of abbreviations, notes and dates of discoveries. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1701..1721]
Creator: Burghers, M.

A chart of the Bay of Mexico.

Description: Map shows grid lines, leading lines, rocky areas, anchorages, sandbanks, settlements along the coast, and place names along the early eighteenth century "Bay of Mexico" coastline. Depths shown by soundings. Inset: "Entrance of the River Mesashebe or Misehisipi" [Mississippi River]. Scale statement reads "English and French Leagues, 20 in a degree."
Date: 1702
Creator: Mount, Richard, d. 1722

A new & exact map of the coast, countries and islands within ye limits of ye South Sea Company: from ye River Aranoca to Terra del Fuego, and from thence through ye South Sea, to ye north part of California &c. with a view of the general coasting trade-winds, and particular draughts of the most important bays, ports, & c.

Description: Map shows settlements, areas of Native American habitation, routes of travel, mining activity, and "limits" of the South Sea Company; California, New Mexico, and Florida, New Spain, and all of South America with some political divisions. Includes notes and dedication cartouche. Insets: "A Chart from England to the River Ara-noca &c," "Peypses or Pepys I., p. 24.," "A Map of ye Straits of Magellan &c., page 27.," "A Map of the Isthmus of Darien The Bay of Panama &c., p. 136.," "The Gallapagos Islands, p. 119.," "The Island of Juan Ferdinando, p. 69.," "The Gulf of Nicoya or Gulf of Salinas, p. 130.," "The Gulf of Amapalla or Fonesca, p. 180," and "The Port of Acapulco." Relief shown pictorially. Depths by soundings. Scale [ca. 1:27,000,000].
Date: [1705..1725]
Creator: Moll, Herman, d. 1732

North America: corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London, and the Royal Academy at Paris.

Description: Map shows major settlements, areas of Native American habitation, and political divisions for the known extent of the continent of North America as far as the headwaters of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes; Florida, Mexico, New Spain, islands of the West Indies, New Mexico, Greenland, New France, and New Britain; northwestern portions as "incognita," with a series of lakes and a "lake of salt," and lands of the nations of "Mozeemlecks" and "Gnacsitares." Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1710
Creator: Senex, John, d. 1740

A new and exact map of the dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye continent of North America : containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina according to the newest and most exact observations.

Description: Map shows early eighteenth century major roads, major cities, forts, and Native American settlements near the southeastern coast of North America. Includes text about historical events. Insets: "The cataract of Niagara," "A draught of ye town and harbour of Charles-town," "A map of the principal part of North America," "A map of the improved part of Carolina with the settlements &c.," and [South part of Carolina and the east part of Florida]. Relief shown pictorially. Depths shown by soundings. Scale [ca. 1:3,000,000].
Date: 1715
Creator: Moll, Herman, d. 1732

A map of the sacred geography taken from the Old and New Testament containing most of ye then known parts of the world and by whom peopled.

Description: Map shows northern Africa, Aphet [central and eastern Europe], and Shem [the Middle East], including the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Inset: "The incampments of the Israelites in the desart." Includes notes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:13,750,000]. Appeared in John Baskett's the Holy Bible, vol. 1.
Date: 1717
Creator: Senex, John, d. 1740