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[Mobeetie Post Office]

Description: Photograph of the Mobeetie post office, the first post office in the Panhandle.
Date: 1878

Tarrant County Courthouse and Public Square in 1879

Description: Photograph of the Tarrant County Courthouse and public square. The courthouse is in the center of the photograph and surrounding the building are many men in jackets and cowboy hats with wagons pulled by horses. In the foreground is a wagon topped with haystacks and men standing on top of it. In the background are several buildings and a stack of lumber. A piece of paper at the bottom of the photograph reads, "The Public Square and Court House in 1879. To the East can be seen the Old Masonic Hall with belfry and opposite (south) the old jail."
Date: 1879

Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Co., 1881

Description: Photograph of the Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Co., 1881. The building is three stories tall with stairs on the side and a covered sidewalk with a banner. The building is surrounded by a dirt road and many large telephone poles and wires. Written at the top of the frame is, "Fox Newspaper" and at the bottom is, "Office and East 2nd Sts, Fort Worth."
Date: 1881

[Reunion of the Veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto]

Description: Photograph of several men gathered for the veteran reunion of the Battle of San Jacinto of 1836. Behind the men are several buildings and horse drawn carriages. This photo was taken at the Texas Veterans Association annual convention in Belton in 1883.
Date: 1883

Headquarters if the Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of the headquarters at the old Bar CC Ranch in 1886. There are four buildings in this picture, one is a log cabin. The headquarters was located in Ochiltree County at the top of the Texas panhandle.
Date: 1886

OX Ranch

Description: Group of cowboys at dinner time on the OX Ranch. This photo was taken in 1886 upon the spot where Childress, Texas stands today. The OX Ranch covered parts of Childress, Hardeman and Cottle Counties. The ranch headquarters was about 10 miles southeast. -
Date: 1886

Roundup at Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of a roundup on Bar CC Rance in 1886, near the old ranch headquarters on Wolf Creek. Jas McKenzie the ranch manager, is in the center on the bobtailed horse and Ed Brainard, the range boss, is the furthest man on the right.
Date: 1886

Commerce Street Scene in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1888

Description: Aerial photograph of Ft. Worth at Commerce Street in 1888. In the center is a large strip of buildings, homes and businesses, surrounded with dirt roads and more homes across those streets. A store on the right corner of the black has a sign that reads, "Black Smith Shop". In the foreground are dirt trakcs, a telephone pole, and a few horse-drawn wagons.
Date: 1888

Cowboys Having Dinner in Coke County, Texas

Description: Photograph of cowboys having dinner on a ranch in Coke County. The lid for a skillet in the foreground was used for baking bread. On the lid of the chuck box, lowered to serve as a cook table, can be seen an old time coffee grinder and leg of roasted beef. An oil lantern hangs on the bow above the chuck box and the harness is hanging over the front wheel. The men are, L-R: Henry Russell, unknown, Jack Montath, Ned Richards, Jake Stubblefield, and John Dodd.
Date: 1889

Denner-Record and Capps Building in Ft. Worth, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Denner-Record building and the Capps building on Fifth and Throckmorton Streets in Ft. Worth, Texas. The building is five stories tall and brick with a fire escape. It is surrounded by a sidewalk that is lined with bicycles and horse-drawn buggies. On the left side of the frame is a church tower and on the right is a sign that reads, "SUCCESS".
Date: 1890

LFD Ranch

Description: Photograph of cowboys catching horses on the LFD Ranch near Midland. The cowboys stand holding ropes near a large herd of horses. A pile of fire wood is next to the cooking pots on the right of the photo.
Date: 1890~

[Portrait of E. C. Pendry]

Description: Photograph of E.C. Pendry, wearing a dark suit and hat, posing behind a penny-farthing bicycle. He is standing in front of a studio backdrop of the countryside.
Date: 1890~/1899~
Creator: Swartz

Section Foremen of the T&P Railway

Description: Photograph from 1890 of the section foremen on the Texas and Pacific Railway that ran between Sherman and Fort Worth. Standing L-R: William Ballew who had the Pilot Point section, T. Flynn who had the Collinsville north section, Joe Boston who had the Denton section. Seated L-R: B. Price who had the Tioga section, J. Wiggs who had the Collinsville south section, and John McLamore who had the Aubrey section.
Date: 1890

Unidentified Outfit in the Pecos River Area

Description: Photograph of a group of cowboys having dinner on the range in the Pecos River Valley. The men have plates in their laps as they sit near the chuck wagon. Two of the men are John B. Thaxton and Hugh Barber.
Date: 1890~

[Group of Men]

Description: Photograph of a group of men all wearing tuxedos for the Walter Want and Maude Watkins wedding on July 2, 1892. Front row L-R: Horace Luckett (Portland, Oregon), Al Jordon, Harry Robertson. Back row L-R: Sam Turis, Dr. Ike Mayfield (best dentist), Jim Reed.
Date: July 2, 1892

6th Ward School in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1893

Description: Photograph of a large group of schoolchildren with their teacher in front of the 6th Ward School House in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1893. There are twenty-five boys, seventeen girls and one teacher. Some of the boys are seated or kneeling in the front row and the girls are taking up most of the middle row, standing. The boys are wearing knickers and jackets with boots and the girls are wearing dresses with jackets. There is a very large wooden door and arched doorway behind the group.
Date: 1893
Creator: Bryant Studio

Employees of First National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas, 1893

Description: Studio photograph of ten employees of the First National Bank of Fort Worth. All of the men are wearing suits with vests, five are wearing watches with chains, four are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and one is wearing a corsage. Two of the men have beards and mustaches and four have mustaches. Four men are seated on chairs in the front row. They are on top of a rug and in front of a fake backdrop. In the back row from left to right is J.M. Tewmey, T.P. Martin Jr., Norman Enelson, J.W. Valliant, Taylor Cupp, and J.P. Smith Jr. In the front row from left to right is W.D. Peak, M.B. Loyd, E.B. Harrold and T.W. Slack.
Date: 1893

Street Scene in Plainview, Texas

Description: Photograph of a hotel being moved from Demmitt (45 mi. away) into Plainview, Texas in 1893. It was supported by eight wagons that were pulled by 32 horses. Businesses along the street include a hotel, Mrs. M. B. Fowle Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery, etc. and City Drug Store.
Date: 1893
Creator: Britain's Studio

Mrs. T.C. Bunch, Mayfest, Ft. Worth, Texas in 1895

Description: Photograph of Mrs. T.C. Bunch standing in front of a white horse attached to a decorated carriage. She is wearing white dresses with puffy sleeves, a sash, holding a fan and has a bow in her hair. She is looking at an elderly man who is holding the reins of the horse in one hand and a cowboy hat in the other. Behind the horse and buggy are stairs leading to an open room with streamers in the windows. Across the top of the door are the words, "Mayfest '95".
Date: 1895

Oxen sold by G.R. Mace

Description: Photograph of some oxen sold by G.R. Mace in 1896 to Albert Pair of Harben in exchange for Pair's breaking 25 acres of new ground on Mace's farm near Stephenville. Four of the steers were natives, the rest part Durhams.
Date: 1896

Chief Quanah Parker Visiting Quanah, Texas

Description: Photograph of Quanah, Texas when Chief Quanah Parker visited on July 4, 1896. The Fort Worth and Denver Railway station is at the left. Over 250 Comanche braves rode horses in the parade with Parker and three of his wives.
Date: July 4, 1896

[Group of Pioneers]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women pioneers. L-R: Fay Turner-now Mrs. J.B. Chase of Boston, Ray Orgain-artist and designer in NY, Grace Elser-now Mrs. Hammett Hardy, May Tarlton and John Tarlton, with guitar, Bert Rose and Grace Hollingsworth behind, Gene Orgain, Lena Evans-now Mrs. Ed Callier of Dallas, Maurice Winfrey with parasol, Frances Tarlton-now Mrs. Lee Ellis.
Date: 1897~

Marine School in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1897

Description: Photograph of schoolchildren and their teacher at the Marine School in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1897. There are nineteen boys, ten girls and one teacher. The boys are wearing knickers and jackets with large collars and the girls are wearing dresses, some with pinafores. The teacher is seated in the center on the first row and is wearing a blouse with puffy sleeves, a belt and a long skirt. Behind the group is a building with wooden shutters.
Date: 1897