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[H.D. Pearce & Co. Book & News Depot]

Description: Photograph of several men standing and sitting in front of the H.D. Pearce & Co. Book and News Depot. Below the store sign is another sign for the post office. Handwritten above the photograph is "In Runnels City 1885" and handwritten below the photograph is "[ ] of Runnels Co. 1st Business [ ] Hubert Pearce". Typed on the back of the photograph is, "The store of H.D. Pearce at Runnels City was one of the first businesses to be established in Runnels County. This picture was made in 1885, a year before the founding of Ballinger. Hubert Pearce, now of Dallas, then 15, is shown with the cross mark on his shirt in the picture. The man with the white beard is J.R. Nunn".
Date: unknown