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Anderson Home

Description: Men in suits sitting at the front entrance of the Anderson Home in Ft. Worth, Texas. The home is not under construction but it appears that work is being done in the garden. This house later became the Gause-Ware Funeral Home.
Date: unknown

[Armour and Company]

Description: Photograph of the Armour and Company building. The three-story brick warehouse has windows with arches at the top. A boxcar is pulled up behind the building. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Date: unknown

B.B. Paddock and Others

Description: Studio photograph of thirteen men, including B.B. Paddock seated in the center row, second from left. All of the men are wearing suits and vests. Five of the men are holding hats, including bowlers. Five are wearing watch chains, eight are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and two have glasses. Ten of the men have mustaches including one with a goatee. The men are on two rugs and there are two windows in the background.
Date: unknown

[B.B. Paddock in Group Portrait]

Description: Photograph of B.B. Paddock, standing left, in a group portrait. The men are in uniform and holding hats and straigh-blade swords. The style of backdrop, hat, sash, and the ornate swords suggest this is a fraternal photo, circa 1880, possibly Knights of Pythias.
Date: unknown

[Ball House]

Description: Photograph of the Ball Home. There are workers sitting on the front porch of the house and a man standing on the front steps. The house is two stories tall, with a balcony on the front side of the second floor and the attic floor, and has 2 story Roman style columns.
Date: unknown

[Bomar Garage]

Description: Photograph of a garage under construction in the Rivercrest area of Fort Worth, Texas. It is a small wooden building with a large doorway and a stone chimney. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hinsdale and Bryant