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Roundup at Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of a roundup on Bar CC Rance in 1886, near the old ranch headquarters on Wolf Creek. Jas McKenzie the ranch manager, is in the center on the bobtailed horse and Ed Brainard, the range boss, is the furthest man on the right.
Date: 1886

[Street Scene in Memphis]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in Memphis, Texas. Horse-drawn wagons loaded with cotton bales populate the street. Named businesses in the background include the Memphis Supply Company, the Memphis Democrat, the Hoghland and Mercantile Company, and the Panhandle Jewelry Store.
Date: unknown

Hendrix and Royer's Outfit in Oklahoma

Description: Photograph of a ranch scene in 1893 near Honey Creek in Oklahoma. This is Hendrix and Royer's outfit who operated a steer ranch in the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, near Turner Falls. This was taken near the Texas-Indian Territory line when one of the yearling herds was moving from South Texas to the Nation Ranch. F. D. Hendrix stands to the rear of the chuck wagon. To the left is Alva Roff for whom Roff, Oklahoma is named.
Date: unknown