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Plan de la Puebla et de ses environs

Description: Map shows major roads, some buildings, fortifications, and locations of French and Mexican troops during the 5 May 1862 Battle of Puebla, Mexico. Includes key to fortifications, churches and principle buildings, plazas, and mountains. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: [1862..1876]
Creator: Andriveau-Goujon, E. (Eugène), 1832-1897


Description: Map shows North and Central America, outlined areas of United States considered to be part of the Confederacy, the Union, and the states of Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland as neither. Includes key to European claims in North America, key to volcanoes, and number key to New England states. Insets: "Az Aleuti Szigetcsoport" [Aleutian Islands]and "Kis Antillák" [Lesser Antilles Keys/Islands]. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:20,000,000].
Date: 1864
Creator: Heckenast, Gustav, 1811-1878.

Carte du Mexique.

Description: Map shows geography and settlements in mid-nineteenth century Mexico. Relief shown by hachures, spots heights, and pictorially. Scale [ca.1:1,100,000].
Date: 1862
Creator: Sanis, Jean Leoń

Carte générale du Golfe du Mexique.

Description: Map shows sailing routes, coastal detail for the Gulf of Mexico along the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, the United States, and the Florida peninsula; place names along the coast, lighthouse locations by color, islands, and notable physical features; inland route for the New Orleans area; the Florida Straits and the Atlantic coastline of eastern Florida; majority of Cuban coastline. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Depths shown by soundings. Soundings in meters. Scale not given.
Date: 1862
Creator: Robiquet, Aimé

Mapa general de la República de Méjico.

Description: Map shows cities, villages, roads, state boundaries, physical features, roads, railroads, and areas of Native American habitation. Insets: "Croquis de los Caminos de Méjico à Veracruz," "Puerto de Veracruz," "Puerto de Matamoros," and "Puerto de Tampico." Includes legend, "Tabla de Distancias", comparative population statistics for the Mexican states and their capitals with location coordinates, a comparitive chart of the principal rivers of Mexico, a distance chart for locations on the road from Veracruz to Acapulco, and a comparative chart of mountain peak altitudes; notes on boundaries. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Depths shown by soundings on inset. Scale [ca. 1:5,230,000].
Date: [1866..1886]
Creator: Erhard (Firm)