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Oxen sold by G.R. Mace

Description: Photograph of some oxen sold by G.R. Mace in 1896 to Albert Pair of Harben in exchange for Pair's breaking 25 acres of new ground on Mace's farm near Stephenville. Four of the steers were natives, the rest part Durhams.
Date: 1896

Matador Ranch Headquarters

Description: Photograph of the Matador Ranch Headquarters in 1901. The man on the platform who is fishing is Johnnie McBain, the ranch bookkeeper at that time. Standing next to McBain is Mrs. B.F. Harper and the other girl is Esther Cammack.
Date: 1901

[Group in vehicle]

Description: Photograph of five people sitting inside of an automobile in the early 1900s. The man driving the vehicle is wearing a hat.
Date: unknown

Roundup at Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of a roundup on Bar CC Rance in 1886, near the old ranch headquarters on Wolf Creek. Jas McKenzie the ranch manager, is in the center on the bobtailed horse and Ed Brainard, the range boss, is the furthest man on the right.
Date: 1886

Round-up at Bar O-T-O Ranch

Description: Photograph of a big round-up held on the Bar O-T-O Ranch in Dawson County in 1898. The ranch consisted of about 200,000 acres and extended to within six miles of present day Lamesa. About 12,000 cattle were in the herd when this picture was taken. In the picture L-R: Gip Akins, Charlie Nivvins of El Paso, Eldridge Ingle of Ensby, Alabama, Paul Dalmont of Lamesa, V.P. Baker of Lamesa, Eulis Dalmont of Lamesa, Harry Morgan of Lamesa (12 mi. north), Bill Oden and other unnamed cowpunchers.
Date: 1898

Headquarters if the Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of the headquarters at the old Bar CC Ranch in 1886. There are four buildings in this picture, one is a log cabin. The headquarters was located in Ochiltree County at the top of the Texas panhandle.
Date: 1886

[Corthouse in Ozona]

Description: Photograph of the courthouse in Ozona, Texas. There is a dirt road and a fence in front of the courthouse.
Date: unknown

[Street scene in 1885 Palestine]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in 1885 Palestine, Texas. The photograph was taken after the establisment of railroads.
Date: unknown

[Group of Men]

Description: Photograph of a group of men all wearing tuxedos for the Walter Want and Maude Watkins wedding on July 2, 1892. Front row L-R: Horace Luckett (Portland, Oregon), Al Jordon, Harry Robertson. Back row L-R: Sam Turis, Dr. Ike Mayfield (best dentist), Jim Reed.
Date: July 2, 1892

Henry Cook at Payne Place

Description: Photograph of Henry Cook, who was in charge of the Matador Land and Cattle Company line camp at Payne Place. He is sitting on a horse. There is a barn and corral in the background.
Date: 1914

[Group of Men]

Description: Photographic portrait of ten pioneer men. They all wear suits and hats. Most of them have mustaches.
Date: unknown

[Midland in 1884]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in 1884 Midland, Texas. There are men on horse-drawn wagons in the photograph as well as multiple store fronts on the right.
Date: unknown

[Billiard Hall & Judge Roy Bean]

Description: Photograph of Judge Roy Bean in front of the Jersey Lilly and Billiard Hall. The text, "Judge Roy Bean Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Law west of the Pecos", is posted on the building.
Date: unknown

[First Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of the First Methodist Church in Marlin, Texas. There are two dirt roads in front of the church. The photograph was taken in the early 1900s.
Date: unknown

[Residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett]

Description: Photograph of the residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett. There is a vehicle parked on the side of the home. There are young trees planted in front of the home. The Torbett Sanatorium in Marlin was named after the Torbett family.
Date: unknown

[First State Bank]

Description: Photograph of the First State Bank. There is a group of men standing in front of the bank.
Date: unknown