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[Group in vehicle]

Description: Photograph of five people sitting inside of an automobile in the early 1900s. The man driving the vehicle is wearing a hat.
Date: unknown

Roundup at Bar CC Ranch

Description: Photograph of a roundup on Bar CC Rance in 1886, near the old ranch headquarters on Wolf Creek. Jas McKenzie the ranch manager, is in the center on the bobtailed horse and Ed Brainard, the range boss, is the furthest man on the right.
Date: 1886

[First Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of the First Methodist Church in Marlin, Texas. There are two dirt roads in front of the church. The photograph was taken in the early 1900s.
Date: unknown

[Residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett]

Description: Photograph of the residence of Dr. J.W. Torbett. There is a vehicle parked on the side of the home. There are young trees planted in front of the home. The Torbett Sanatorium in Marlin was named after the Torbett family.
Date: unknown

Buildings at Bar CC Ranch in 1866

Description: Photograph of the old Bar CC Ranch in 1886. The men on horseback are (L-R) Ed Brainerd and Mac Gates. One of the men on the porch is Dave Lard.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of W.S. Holman]

Description: Photograph of Professor W.S. Holman in uniform. Holman is sitting near a tent while holding a pair of binoculars.
Date: unknown
Creator: Kennedy, A.E.

[Man awaiting execution]

Description: Photograph of Jim Toots awaiting execution. Joe McMillan and Daggett Phillips are shown with Toots.
Date: unknown

[Water plant in Grapevine]

Description: Photograph of the Grapevine Municipal Water Plant in 1909. The building has two of the three windows facing the street open. There is a water tower behind the building.
Date: unknown

[Pilot Point Town Square]

Description: Photograph of 1876 Pilot Point Town Square filled with traffic. There are saloons and stores in the background.
Date: unknown

[Military Portrait]

Description: Photograph of military personnel. The portrait is of a single man dressed in military uniform. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "For Jessie."
Date: unknown
Creator: Rich, H.P.

[Portrait of Ben Prewitt]

Description: Photograph of Ben Prewitt. Prewitt is wearing a coat, vest and striped tie.
Date: unknown
Creator: Swartz

[Portrait of Mr. Horace Wilson]

Description: Photograph of Mr. Horace Wilson. Back of photograph: Horace Wilson, old mill iron cowboy, now salesman for Cassidy Southwestern. Ben Prewitt & Horace Wilson are "Pals from the Pecos."
Date: unknown
Creator: Dole, W.J.

[Street Scene in Memphis]

Description: Photograph of a street scene in Memphis, Texas. Horse-drawn wagons loaded with cotton bales populate the street. Named businesses in the background include the Memphis Supply Company, the Memphis Democrat, the Hoghland and Mercantile Company, and the Panhandle Jewelry Store.
Date: unknown

[Boy on donkey]

Description: Photograph of a young boy on donkey in front of a house.
Date: unknown