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Mappe-monde ou description du globe terrestre: assujettie aux observations astronomiques.

Description: Map shows the eastern and western hemipheres of the globe with six continents and major cities; Australia as "Nouvelle Hollande" with a vague southern coast hoined with [modern-day] Tasmania; hand-drawn sailing route [presumably that of Captain James Cook] is also shown. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:80 000 000].
Date: 1782
Creator: Janvier, Jean Denis

Orbis descriptio.

Description: Map shows known and assumed mid-sixteenth century geographic outlines and place names of continents and islands in the eastern and western hemispheres. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1561
Creator: Ptolemy, 2nd cent.

The World on Mercator's projection.

Description: Map shows major cities and physical features of six continents and islands of the South Pacific; navigational details for the Canton River, Hong Kong, "Van Diemens Land" [Tasmania], the "River Hooghly," Singapore, and Good Hope. Insets: "Canton River and Hong-Kong," "Van Diemens Land," "Mouths of the River Hooghly," "Island and town of Singapore," and "Colony of Good Hope." Includes small illustration of village along the Hugli River on inset map. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings on insets. Scale not given.
Date: [1843..1863]
Creator: Hall, Sidney

Johnson's World : on Mercator's projection.

Description: Map shows seven continents, Oceanica, and Australasia with major cities and political divisions; "Alaska" [not Russian America], "Hindostan" [India], Russia and Russian Empire, Chinese Empire. Includes explorer's routes with dates. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: 1865
Creator: Johnson, A. J. (Alvin Jewett), 1827-1884

Mappemonde à l'usage de l'instr[ucti]on.

Description: Map shows late eighteenth century geographical outlines, political boundaries, and major cities in six continents including "Nouvelle Hollande" [Australia], sea routes traveled by Captain James Cook, and areas of indigenous populations. Includes text: "Avertissement: On a ajouté à cette mappemonde les nouvelles découvertes faites par le Capitaine Cook dans ses trois differens voyages ...Avec Privilège d'Auteur Année 1792." Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1792
Creator: L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726

Historical map of the world.

Description: Map shows major political regions, cities, mountain ranges, rivers, and areas of indigenous habitation. Includes notes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:45,000,000].
Date: 1813
Creator: Las Cases, Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonnaé, comte de, 1766-1842

A Chart of the World on Mercator's Projection : Reduced from the large chart by J. Purdy, 1824.

Description: Map shows cities, indigenous peoples, physical features, and political boundaries for the known continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North and South America. Includes notes, "geographica epochas," time zones, and table of distances from London. The routes and dates of explorers are also included. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale not given.
Date: 1824
Creator: Purdy, John, 1773-1843

A new & correct map of the whole world : shewing ye situation of its principal parts. Viz the oceans, kingdoms, rivers, capes, ports, mountains, woods, trade-winds, monsoons, variation of ye compass, climats, &c. With the most remarkable tracks of the bold attempts which have been made to find out the North East & North West Passages.

Description: Map shows trade winds and monsoons with Australia as New Holland coast joined to N. Guinea and the east coast un-mapped; explorers routes in the North Atlantic, political boundaries, and ocean currents. Includes explanation, scale of English leagues, and text notes. Insets: "This chart is to shew ye degrees of the variation of ye compass as they were observed in ye year of 1700 in ye Atlantick and Indian Ocean" and "The North Pole." Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:34,000,000].
Date: 1719
Creator: Moll, Herman, d. 1732

World Climate.

Description: Map shows early twentieth century world temperatures, thermal regions, rainfall, pressure and winds, and storm tracks and frequency. Relief shown by spot heights. Scale not indicated.
Date: 1922?
Creator: John Bartholomew and Son

Carte réduite des parties connues du globe terrestre : dressée au dépost des cartes plans et journaux de la marine pour le service des vaisseaux français.

Description: Map shows major cities, physical features, some political divisions, for 6 continents, including "Nouvelle Hollande" [Australia]; upper portion of North America bears a note inferring it is unknown whether it is sea or land. Includes notes and text. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1784
Creator: Dépôt général de la marine

Carte reduite des parties connues du globe terrestre : dressée au dépost des Cartes Plans et Journaux de la Marine.

Description: Map shows known extent of six continents; western portion of Nouvelle Hollande [Australia], only portions of northwestern coastline of North America, and southern portion of Greenland. Includes text: Avertissement, notes and dates of discovery. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not noted.
Date: 1755
Creator: Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772

Carte des nouvelles decouvertes au nord de la Mer du Sud : tant à l'Est de la Sibérie et du Kamtchatka, qu'é l'Ouest de la Nouvelle France.

Description: Map shows routes of exploration, areas of Native American habitation, and major settlements; western New France [northwestern portion of North America] includes "Mer ou Baye de l'Ouest" possibily as an early and enormous representation of Vancouver Bay; dates and names of explorers/discoverers. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1750..1770]
Creator: Santini, Francesco

A combined view of the principal mountains & rivers in the world : with tables showing their relative heights & lengths.

Description: Map shows comparative lengths of world's rivers and heights of world's mountains, by region and by continent; treelines and vegetative growth, small illustrations of major cities and lakes with relative altitudes; relative locations for cities along course of rivers. Includes "Explanation" and "Tables of Heights" [in left and right panels] listing mountains with altitudes, locations, and numbered key to illustrations. Relief shown pictorially, by hachures, spot heights and in tables. Scale not given.
Date: 1849
Creator: Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth), 1827-1901

The World: engraved for Smiths Atlas.

Description: Map shows major cities and physical features for six known continents; small portion of southern coastline of Australia, portions of northern coastline of North America as uncharted; south central Africa as "regions unexplored." No scale indicated.
Date: 1828
Creator: Gardner, W. R.

Map of the World on the mercator projection : exhibiting the American continent as its centre.

Description: Map shows major cities, political divisions, submarine cables locations, expeditionary routes, and a partial coastline for the "Antarctic Continent." Includes notes, and tables on verso: Comparative lengths of rivers of Europe--Comparative lengths of rivers of Asia and Africa--Comparative heights of the principal mountains of the Eastern Hemisphere [illustrated]. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: 1881
Creator: Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus), 1792-1868

Mapa general de la República de Méjico.

Description: Map shows cities, villages, roads, state boundaries, physical features, roads, railroads, and areas of Native American habitation. Insets: "Croquis de los Caminos de Méjico à Veracruz," "Puerto de Veracruz," "Puerto de Matamoros," and "Puerto de Tampico." Includes legend, "Tabla de Distancias", comparative population statistics for the Mexican states and their capitals with location coordinates, a comparitive chart of the principal rivers of Mexico, a distance chart for locations on the road from Veracruz to Acapulco, and a comparative chart of mountain peak altitudes; notes on boundaries. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Depths shown by soundings on inset. Scale [ca. 1:5,230,000].
Date: [1866..1886]
Creator: Erhard (Firm)

Geographical map of the world: with the tracks of the most celebrated navigators for the elucidation of Lavoisne's genealogical, historical, chronological, and geographical atlas.

Description: Map shows major cities, some political divisions, and physical features for six continents; explorers' routes and dates of discovery. Includes text: "Division of earth by continents, zones, religions, color, climates; positions; itinerary measures; dimensions of the earth; chronological account of the most celebrated modern navigators." Relief shown pictorially. No scale indicated.
Date: 1821
Creator: Gros, C.

Isobaren und Niederschläge.

Description: Map shows late nineteenth century world weather trends. Insets: "Isobaren und Winde im Januar" [Isobars and winds in January], "Isobaren und Winde im Juli - Niederschlagsmengen" [Isobars and winds in July - rainfall], and "Jahreszeitliche Verteilung der Niederschläge" [Seasonal distribution of rainfall]. Scale noted on verso.
Date: 1898
Creator: Ambrosius, Ernst, 1866-1940