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Map of the River Sabine from its mouth on the Gulf of Mexico in the Sea to Logan's Ferry in latitude 31. [degrees] 58'.24". north : Shewing [sic] the boundary between the United States and the Republic of Texas between said points, as marked and laid down by Survey in 1840, under the direction of the Commissioners appointed for that purpose, under the 1st Article of the Convention signed at Washington April 25th 1838.

Description: Map shows the geography of the established boundary line between the Republic of Texas and the United States. Reproduced from Joint Commission for Marking the Boundary between the United States and Texas' Message from the President of the United States.... [1842]. Includes chart and text regarding latitude and longitude and a statement of the correctness of map by J.H. Overton, United States Commissioner. Scale [ca. 1:316,800].
Date: 1842?
Creator: Lee, T. J.

A map of the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia : comprehending the Spanish provinces of east and west Florida, exhibiting the boundaries between the United States and Spanish dominions as fixed by the treaty of peace in 1783.

Description: Map shows treaty boundaries, roads, swamps, towns, areas of Native American habitation, and notable physical features. Includes explanation. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:6,336,000].
Date: [1794..1802]
Creator: Purcell, Joseph Southern

A map of a new world between New Mexico and the frozen sea newly discovered by Father Lewis Hennepin Missionary Recollect and Native of Aht in Hainault; dedicated to his majesty of Great Britain William III.

Description: Map shows known extent of North America from New Britain and New France to California, Mexico, New Spain, the Gulf of Mexico, and West Indies; areas of Native American habitation and some settlements. Inset: [Map of Japan]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1682..1702]
Creator: Hennepin, Louis, 17th cent.

Atlantic Ocean &c. shewing [sic.] the communication between Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Description: Map shows major existing and proposed railroads in the United States and Canada, Chagres Railway across Panama, transatlantic cables, steam and sailing routes, currents, and the Sargaso Sea. Includes travel times and distances for various routes, dates of cables. Scale [ca. 1:27,500,000].
Date: [1874..1889]
Creator: Adam and Charles Black (Firm)

[Map of the United States and its territories].

Description: Map shows state and territorial boundaries, major cities, and military posts for the continental United States; Indian Territory to the Platte River, Missouri Territory to the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico between the Sierra Madre and Rocky Mountains, Texas encompassing the Spanish Peaks in the northwest; Minnesota to the Mississippi River, Oregon to the northern U.S. boundary with British America, and Upper California from the Pacific Coast to the Sierra Madre and Rocky Mountains; southwestern boundary with Mexico at Gila River. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: [1848..1854]

Important to all! Bound for the happy lands! Low rates to Arkansas and Missouri via Saint Louis over the popular St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern R'y.

Description: Map shows birdseye overview of major cities and rivers and the railroad route between St. Louis and Texas through Arkansas, and between St. Louis and points in Mississippi; the Gulf Coast between Galveston and Mobile. Includes panels above and below map with descriptive text and railroad fares. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not indicated.
Date: [1874..1883]
Creator: St. Louis, Iron Mountain, and Southern Railway Company

General map of the United States.

Description: Map shows railroads, travel routes on the Great Lakes, state and territorial boundaries, major cities, towns, military posts, notable physical features, "Dakota Territory," and "Indian Territory." Distance between New Orleans and Cuba is also indicated. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale [ca. 1:8,448,000].
Date: [1883..1885]
Creator: Bartholomew, John, 1831-1893

Map of the United States, and territories. Together with Canada &c.

Description: Map shows the boundary between United States and Mexico according to the treaty of 1848 and the Gadsden Treaty of 1854, boundaries between "Dacotah" Territory and Wyoming, Indian Territory, mail routes, "Route to Santa Fe," major cities, and areas of Native American habitation. Inset: "Island of Newfoundland." Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:10,138,000] and [ca. 1:11,264,000].
Date: 1872
Creator: Williams, W. (Wellington)

The MK and T : Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.

Description: Map shows railroads connecting to the MK and T, Native American reservations in "Indian Territory," and New mexico, military outposts, and mountain ranges. Includes "List of the cities, towns, and stations located on the line of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway in Texas", information on Texas and select Texas counties, and a schedule for major station stops en route between Texas cities and Chicago. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [2,851,000].
Date: [1890..1910]
Creator: Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company

A sketch of the public surveys in Wisconsin.

Description: Map shows township grid for much of Wisconsin except northern most portions, some existing settlements, unsurveyed area of Menomenie Indians between Wolf and Wisconsin Rivers, Oneida Indians near Green Bay; northwestern portion and part of Mississippi River outlined in blue. Includes notes explaining symbols used. Scale [1:1,140,480].
Date: [1836..1856]
Creator: United States. Surveyor General.

Western Hemisphere.

Description: Map shows cities and major political boundaries on the continents of North America, South America, Oceania, and the "Bhering Sea" between Asia and "Russian America." Includes illustrations of people and animals in twelve circular vignettes surrounding the map. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: [1850..1854]
Creator: Rapkin, J.


Description: Map shows county boundaries, cities, towns, county seats, and railroads in late nineteenth century Indiana. Scale [1:12,670,200].
Date: [1872 ..1892]
Creator: Walker, Emery
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[Map of California and Nevada]

Description: Map shows counties, existing and proposed railroads, major roads, cities and towns, notable geographic features, canals, springs, lakes, rivers, and mining activity. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale [ca. 1:1,950,000].
Date: [1874..1876]
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Pennsylvania, Eastern Part.

Description: Map shows the counties, railroads, canals, cities, towns, and notable physical features in late nineteenth century Pennsylvania. Layout of streets, roads, and railroads in the Philadelphia area shown on inset. Relief shown by hachures, contours, and spot heights. Scale [ca. 1:1,013,760].
Date: 1897
Creator: Century Company