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Chief Quanah Parker Visiting Quanah, Texas
Photograph of Quanah, Texas when Chief Quanah Parker visited on July 4, 1896. The Fort Worth and Denver Railway station is at the left. Over 250 Comanche braves rode horses in the parade with Parker and three of his wives.
First Garza County Court
Photograph of the first Garza County Court. There are several men seated and standing in front of a canvas tent. All of the men are wearing hats and some are wearing neckties and some vests. In the front row, left to right are: S.C. Wilkes, L.F. Barrow, Walter Roy, and a Mr. Davis. In the back row, left to right: W.E. Alexander, Hal Murrey, Bud Boren, B.F. Wilkes and Oscar Kelly. In the middle of the frame is an old automobile with people in it. On the left side of the frame is a covered wagon and in the foreground is a saddle.
[Land regulation notice from the Office of Attorney W.E. Moss to Milton Parks]
Land regulation document from the Office of W.E. Moses to Milton Parks. The document describes regulations of land affairs in relation to members of the United States Army and Navy.
[Letter from de Zavala Jr to Adina July 3, 1889]
Reply to Adina's request for family history
[Letter from de Zavala Jr. to Adina July 26th 1878]
Correspondence to Adina regarding her request for family history
Topographical sketch of the Gold & Quicksilver District of California.
Map of the Gold and Quicksilver District of California circa July 25, 1848. Topographical data, water bodies, and a scale of geographical miles are included. The first official map of the Gold Region.