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[Maps of North America, Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennesee]

Description: Map shows major cities, state and provincial boundaries, major railroads, submarine cables, and ocean banks in the Caribbean Sea; Dominion of Canada, Danish America, the United States, West Indies, Mexico, Central America; United States of Columbia include [modern] Panama; [modern] Oklahoma divided into Oklahoma and Indian Territory; street names, parks, and public institutions on verso. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Scale [ca. 18,700,000].
Date: [1889..1904]

[Maps of North and South Dakota]

Description: Map shows counties, Native American reservations, railroads, cities, towns, and notable physical features; national park in South Dakota on verso. Includes indexes and statistical data. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:1,964,160] and [ca. 1:2,090,880].
Date: [1903..1923]
Creator: Rand McNally and Company

[Maps of Ontario and Manitoba]

Description: Map shows late nineteenth century Ontario, Canada districts, counties, railroads, cities, towns, lakes, rivers, and Native American reservations. Inset: "North-western part of Ontario." Relief shown by hachures and by "height of land" notation on inset. Scales [ca. 1:2,304,000] and [ca. 1:1,700,000].
Date: [1880..1900]
Creator: Cram, George Franklin, 1841-1928

[Maps of St. Joseph, Missouri and Sioux City, Iowa]

Description: Map shows late nineteenth century St. Joseph, Missouri street names, parks, public institutions, cemeteries, stockyards, railroads, bridges, select buildings, and International Exposition building; street names, parks, cemeteries, public institutions, railroads, and bridges in Sioux City, Iowa. Scale not given.
Date: [1891..1904]

[Maps of St. Louis and Kansas City]

Description: Map shows street names, parks, fair grounds, cemeteries, railroads, bridges, public institutions; some businesses on inset; street names, cemeteries, public institutions, bridges, and horse, cable and steam railroads on verso. Includes explanation on verso. Insets: [continuation map of southern portion of St. Louis] and [detail map of downtown St. Louis]. Scale not given.
Date: [1885..1905]

[Maps of States in the Central United States]

Description: Map shows state / territorial boundaries, military posts, counties for Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana territories, railroads, areas of Native American habitation, cities, towns, notable physical features, and Yellowstone National Park; counties for Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico, Indian reservations in Colorado, areas of Indian habitation for Indian Territory and Kansas. Includes notes. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:5,850,000] and [ca. 1:5,600,000].
Date: [1873..1874]
Creator: Atwood, John M., b. ca. 1818

[Maps of Texas and Florida]

Description: Map shows counties, cities, railroads, and springs; counties, cities, railroads and swamps in Florida on verso. Includes index to counties. Inset: [Panhandle of Texas]. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:3,940,000].
Date: [1905..1911]

[Maps of Texas and Southeastern States]

Description: Map shows Texas counties, cities, military outposts, roads, geographic features, water features, areas of Native American habitation, and battle locations; Tom Green, Pecos and El Paso, Crockett, and Presidio counties in West Texas. Insets: "Map of the vicinity of Galveston City" and "Northern Texas." Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:5,000,000].
Date: [1876..1882]

[Maps of Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana]

Description: Map shows counties, railroads, cities, towns, and notable physical features; Greer County as part of Texas; street names, canals, ferries, steam and horse railroads, parks, cemeteries, and buildings for New Orleans. Includes statistics and distances between points on railroad lines; key to buildings for New Orleans. Inset: [Texas Panhandle]. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:3,000,000], [1:2,200,000], and [1:572,000].
Date: [1887..1890]