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[Clipping: Lieut. Ormer Locklear]

Description: Photograph of a newspaper clipping from The Billboard, dated June 28, 1919. Text on the clipping reads: "The ONE Big Sensation in Aviation: Lieut. Ormer Locklear changing from one aeroplane to another while flying 80 miles an hour, and performing unparalleled feats of aerobatics, scampering to all parts of a flying plane as low as 50 feet from ground."
Date: June 28, 1919

Combats in the Air of 1st Lt. Henry R. Clay, A.S., USA., D. F. C.

Description: This document contains Henry Clay, Jr.'s different combats in the air from August 16, 1918 to September 27, 1918. Each page contains technical information, result of the fight, and comments about the enemy aircraft. The result listed at the bottom of the page is either "Decisive America" or "Considered O. C. by 13th Wing, R. A. F."
Date: [1918-08-16..1918-09-27]
Creator: Newhall, M. L.

[DeMille Field]

Description: Photograph of DeMille Field. Text on the reverse reads: "DeMille Field No. 2 (Mercury Aviation CO.). Wilshire Blvd. & Fairfax Ave. (Crescent Ave.) Looking north to the Hollywood Hills up Fairfax. Wilshire runs right to left in the foreground. The Goodyear 'Pony' blimp is about to land on the field."
Date: [1918..1919]

[Group of men by plane]

Description: Photograph of men standing in front of an airplane. Text on the reverse reads: "From left to right - Harry Rice, Universal Exploitation Manager, Lieutenant Ralph Diggins, pilot, Locklear himself, Fred Rochester, Publicity Manager Morris & Company, George W. Brow, General Sales Agent Curtiss Aeroplane Manufacturing Co., Jack Curran, former British Aviation Officer -- taken on the field just before plane left for Chicago's loop."
Date: [1918..1920]

[Henry Clay, Jr.'s Air Combat Records]

Description: This five page document outlines different air combats that Henry Clay, Jr. was a part of. Each page contains a description of time, location, plane type, etc., remarks about the enemy aircraft, and a result of the fight.
Date: [1918-08-16..1918-09-28]
Creator: Newhall, M. L.

[Identification Card of Henry R. Clay, Jr.]

Description: Identification card belonging to Henry R. Clay, Jr. The card identifies Clay's rank as a 1st Lieutenant, and his function as "air service." Clay was a member of the American Expeditionary Forces. The right side of the card has a blank space where the recipient was to place his photograph "within four days after issue."
Date: [1917..1919]