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[Document Listing the Flight Personnel of Squadron 43]

Description: This document contains the names of the men of Squadron 43 of the Royal Air Force 1916-1919. This document is organized by columns: "name, rank, duty, nationality, year, ref. code, casualty, remarks."
Date: April 28, 1968
Creator: Wakeman, George G.
Item Type: Text

[Locklear scrapbook page]

Description: Photograph of a scrapbook page. Text on the page read: "Milton Elliot,-Ormer Locklear & Shirley Short. Elliot & Short the pilots who flew the airplanes when Ormer Locklear jumped from one airplane to another in mid-air. Ormer Locklear "King of the Dare-divils" [sic] Ormer Loclear [sic], and Milton Elliot. was killed Aug 2, 1920 in Hollywood Calf. [sic] while doing a 'spin' for a movie scene which Loclear [sic] was the star."
Date: 1961~
Creator: Stathis, Louis
Item Type: Photograph

[William G. Fuller Sitting at Desk]

Description: Photograph of William G. Fuller sitting at a desk at his Meacham field office. There is a Greater Fort Worth telephone directory on the desk in front of him.
Date: February 24, 1961
Item Type: Photograph