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Combats in the Air of 1st Lt. Henry R. Clay, A.S., USA., D. F. C.

Description: This document contains Henry Clay, Jr.'s different combats in the air from August 16, 1918 to September 27, 1918. Each page contains technical information, result of the fight, and comments about the enemy aircraft. The result listed at the bottom of the page is either "Decisive America" or "Considered O. C. by 13th Wing, R. A. F."
Date: [1918-08-16..1918-09-27]
Creator: Newhall, M. L.

[Henry Clay, Jr.'s Air Combat Records]

Description: This five page document outlines different air combats that Henry Clay, Jr. was a part of. Each page contains a description of time, location, plane type, etc., remarks about the enemy aircraft, and a result of the fight.
Date: [1918-08-16..1918-09-28]
Creator: Newhall, M. L.

[Photograph of Henry Clay's Family on the Porch]

Description: Photograph of Henry Clay, Jr. and the rest of his family on the front steps of the porch to their home. The back of the photo lists the names from left to right: "Henry Clay, Sr., James Ashton Clay, Henry Clay, Jr., Clay's Mother, and unknown young girl with hat." James is holding a puppy in his arms for the picture. According to the photo this was taken "in Missouri before moving to Ft. Worth."
Date: unknown