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Constitution and By-Laws of the Texas Eclectic Medical Association of the State of Texas
This pamphlet contains the text of the Texas Eclectic Medical Association's constitution and by-laws, including the purpose of the Association, membership information, election of officers, resolutions, ethics, as well as other rules and regulations.
Investigations into the Nature, Causation, and Prevention of Texas or Southern Cattle Fever
This book serves as "a report on the nature, causation, and prevention of Texas cattle fever" (p. 9) or the infection of cattle by ticks. It includes statistical tables and illustrations of red blood corpuscles infected by ticks. Index begins on page 297.
Notes on the Newer Remedies: Their Therapeutic Applications and Modes of Administration, Second Edition
The book serves as a pharmacology reference text. It includes physical characteristics, modern therapeutic applications and recommended dosages for various synthetic and natural drugs. An index of diseases begins on page 229, and a general index begins on page 243.
Queer, Quaint Old San Antonio: Its Climate in Throat and Lung Diseases
This book is about the climate of San Antonio, Texas, and its potential benefits to individuals suffering from lung illness and disease.
San Antonio de Bexar: A Guide and History
This book serves as a guide and historical sketch of San Antonio, Texas. It includes descriptions of county and church records, interviews with memorable Texans, a discussion of the benefits of San Antonio climate to individuals suffering from lung disease, as well as descriptions of local churches, schools, public halls, parks and other establishments. Sidney Lanier's Historical Sketch is included beginning on page 68.