The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Historical Resources Center

The Historical Resources Center (HRC) was established in 2000 to document the history and development of MD Anderson through an Archives and Oral History Program. Located in the Research Medical Library, the HRC is the official archival repository for institutional records, personal papers, photographs, videos, oral history interviews, and other historical materials that document MD Anderson's role in advancing cancer medicine, science, and public policy. It also encompasses the History of Cancer Collection of rare books, journals, monographs, and other published material.

The HRC presents its "Making Cancer History Voices" collection that documents the history of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Personal interviews with the men and women of M.D. Anderson who dedicated their work to eliminating cancer provide unique insights into a host of important social, medical, political, and scientific developments related to cancer. The goal of the project is to tell the story of the many facets of the birth of oncology as a medical discipline; the emergency and evolution of surgery, diagnostic radiology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy; the rise of nursing oncology; the impact of genetics and molecular biology on medical research; and cancer's place in the evolution of public health policy. The relative youth of MD Anderson, which belies its seminal role in the history, means that it's present and recently retired faculty and staff are only one generation removed from the pioneers. Today their voices have been captured. Their side by side experiences with the pioneers recalled, recorded, and made available to everyone.

The HRC serves MD Anderson and the larger scholarly community by preserving, cataloging, and providing access to materials documenting the clinical, research, educational, and cancer prevention activities of MD Anderson's faculty, staff, and affiliated organizations.


Javier Jose Garza



Research Medical Library
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