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T.C. Hsu Oral History Interview 1, April 11, 2001

Description: The interview with Dr. Tao-Chiuh Hsu begins with the doctor recounting his early career in the United States as a graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Texas, Medical Branch in Galveston. He shares his story about how he stumbled upon the hypotonic solution to separate chromosomes for deeper analysis of genes. Dr. Hsu explains his reasons for leaving the Medical Branch and joining M. D. Anderson for better laboratory and teaching opportunities. He shares an anecdote about the original main building of the institution. The interview explores Dr. Hsu’s promotions and positions held within the institution and touches on his relationships and collaborative work with Drs. R. Lee Clark, Charles M. Pomerat, Felix Haas, and Daniel Billen. Dr. Hsu shares his cultural experiences in terms of language barriers, naturalization and family immigration process. The interview concludes with Dr. Hsu answering questions about colleagues who worked with him in his lab over the years.
Date: May 11, 2001
Creator: Hsu, T. C. (Tao-Chiuh)
Item Type: Sound

T.C. Hsu Oral History Interview 2, May 10, 2001

Description: Dr. Tao-Chiuh Hsu continues his reflections with Lesley Brunet regarding his career at M.D. Anderson. The interview begins with a discussion of Dr. Felix Haas and the evolution of the department of biology. William R. Brinkley’s contributions and interactions with the department are recounted as well. Several of Dr. Hsu’s major accomplishments to science are highlighted including the development of chromosomal banding techniques, biological specimen banks, and cell preservation. The interview continues with a discussion of his sentiments regarding the re-organization of cell biology and his laboratory location within the Hermann Professional Building. A discussion regarding the collection of tissue samples from cats ends the interview. Several humorous stories regarding his personal life and work are also shared.
Date: May 10, 2001
Creator: Hsu, T. C. (Tao-Chiuh), 1917- & Brunet, Lesley Williams
Item Type: Sound

Marion Wall Lowrey Oral History Interview 1, May 5, 2001

Description: Marion Wall Lowrey talks with Lesley Brunet about her career, especially her role at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She talks about her relationship with Dr. R. Lee Clark and his wife Dr. Bert Davis Clark. She also talks about the time when the institution was housed at the Baker Estate and segregation in the early years of the institution.
Date: May 5, 2001
Creator: Lowrey, Marion Wall & Brunet, Lesley Williams
Item Type: Sound