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[Appeal for SantosCoy and Phillips Murder Investigation by OUED]

Description: Two-page word document by Organizations United for Eastside Development (OUED) calling for the suspension of officer James Cammack and an indictment of murder for Hector SantosCoy. SantosCoy, as well as Bobby Jo Philllps thirteen years prior, were both killed by the officer in question. The efforts of the OUED is one in a string of attempts to end police brutality targeted towards racial minorities in San Antonio.
Date: December 19, 1981
Creator: Organizations United for Eastside Development

[BCMM and KAPE Radio Dispute Documents]

Description: Several correspondences involving KAPE radio, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM). The focus of the documents is a dispute between the BCMM and KAPE, in which the BCMM tried to revoke the broadcaster's license. Also included is KAPE's effort to dismiss the BCMM, a deadline extension by the FCC, and various affidavits made on behalf of the BCMM.
Date: 1974

[BCMM Petition Against KAPE Radio]

Description: Petition put out by the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM) asking for signatures in their fight against KAPE radio. The San Antonio broadcasters have been criticized by the BCMM for adversely representing the needs of the black community.
Date: March 1975

[Black Coalition on Mass Media By-Laws]

Description: Typed by-laws of the Black Coalition on Mass Media, a San Antonio civil rights organization professing to improve the ways in which the media interacts and represents the African-American community. There are seven articles explaining regulations, policies, and other material about the organization's composition.
Date: unknown

[Black Coalition on Mass Media Mission Statement]

Description: Mission statement for the Black Coalition on Mass Media, where five statements explain the organization's purpose. According to these statements, the Coalition is broadly concerned with improving and changing the ways in which media outlets interact, affect, or touch on the lives of black men and women.
Date: unknown

[Black Coalition on Mass Media Press Statement]

Description: Press statement released by the Black Coalition on Mass Media, a San Antonio civil rights organization with the intent to better how the mass media represents and interacts with the African-American community. The statement explains their basic purpose and goes on to specify a particular grievance with KAPE radio, which they see as exploitative and damaging.
Date: October 30, 1974

[Eastside Investigative Program Proposal]

Description: Tentative proposal for the Eastside Legal Investigative Program, a project to gather and collect resources to help black men and women in case of criminal offenses; particularly, when they have been wrongly accused. The plan outlines functions, structure, fiscal issues, client legibility, and more.
Date: June 12, 1973

[History of Barbara Jordan Center by Rick Greene]

Description: A short history of the Barbara Jordan Community Center project by Rick Greene. According to his testimony, the center came about under the leadership of Organizations United for Eastside Development, after an initial project failed to acquire necessary capital. The BJCC project was eventually able to raise over 1.15 million dollars to build its facilities.
Date: unknown
Creator: Greene, Rick

[Letter from Alfred Castellano, Edward R. Day, Keith L. Charlton to John Saunders - March 23, 1981]

Description: Letter from Alfred Castellano, Edward R. Day, and Keith L. Charlton Jr. to John Saunders at Organizations United for Eastside Development (OUED). The men are writing in response to a complaint filed by OUED concerning an unnamed indiscretion by an EMS Technician. They inform Mr. Saunders that proper action has been taken and that further recommendations were given to the Fire Chief.
Date: March 23, 1981
Creator: Castellano, Alfred; Day, Edward R. & Charlton, Keith L., Jr.

[Letter from Bilger & Blair to William B. Ray - July 3, 1974]

Description: Letter from Bilger & Blair, attorneys at law, to William B. Ray, chief of the complaints and compliance division of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Although only one page of the letter has been provided, it would appear that the attorneys are explaining a miscommunication that occurred between members of the Black Coalition on Mass Media and the KAPE radio sales manager - Franklin Collins. He did not provide a copy of a renewal application because he did not know it was available.
Date: July 3, 1974
Creator: Bilger, Donald E. & Blair, Forbes W.

[Letter from Bill M. White to John Sanders - September 22, 1981]

Description: Letter from Bill M. White, criminal district attorney from San Antonio, to John Sanders, president of Organizations United for Eastside Development. The letter is a confirmation that a proper course of action is in the works in regards to an incident mentioned by Mr. Sanders in a previous letter. It would seem that the incident had something to do with a mass riot and possible violent attacks.
Date: September 22, 1981
Creator: White, Bill M.

[Letter from Carl Richardson and Mario Salas - May 31, 1971]

Description: Letter from Carlos Richardson and Mario Marcel Salas of the Student National Coordinating Committee to Bishop O. Eugene Slater and other members of the Christian community. They write to propose a number of possible philanthropic and charitable solutions that their churches may use to help San Antonio's impoverished residents. It includes the establishment of legal defense funds and transportation to those on welfare, among others.
Date: May 31, 1971
Creator: Richardson, Carlos & Salas, Mario Marcel

[Letter from Drew S. Days to OUED Members - August 29, 1979]

Description: Letter from Drew S. Days III, Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, to John H. Sanders, Mario Marcel Salas, and Rick Green of Organizations United for Eastside Development (OUED). The letter is in reply to their allegation of fraud in the trial of Webb Boyd, whose murder was believed to have been racially motivated. Mr. Days assures them that correct action will be taken if their allegations are found to be true.
Date: August 29, 1979
Creator: Days, Drew S.