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[Annual Report: Chapter Program Report 1987-88]

Description: Report of activities in 1987-1988 for the San Antonio chapter of The Links, Inc. Chapter activities are categorized as services to youth, the arts, national trends and services, or international trends and services. Includes a calendar of events from 1987-1988 and a blank program evaluation form.
Date: 1988
Creator: Links, Inc. San Antonio Chapter.

[The Duckens Family Singers]

Description: Photograph of the Duckens Family Singers at the Texas Folklife Festival. A group of nineteen African-American family members, men and women, are posing for the photograph on the grass in front of a wooden building. Some of them are kneeling down in the front but most of them are standing. Each member is either wearing a blue t-shirt that says, "Duckens Family", or just a plain blue shirt. Most of them are smiling.
Date: [1988-08-04..1988-08-07]

[Letter from Carolyn C. James to Sister Link - January 28, 1988]

Description: Letter from Carolyn C. James to Sister Links who have volunteered to assist with the planning of a conference for Texas chapters of The Links, Inc. The San Antonio chapter will host the conference. Volunteers have been organized into a task force, and its first meeting will be February 4, 1988. Directions to the meeting location are provided.
Date: January 28, 1988
Creator: Links, Inc. San Antonio Chapter.

[Letter from Duncan E. Jackson to San Antonio Chapter of The Links, Inc. - 1988]

Description: Letter from pianist Duncan E. Jackson to the San Antonio chapter of The Links, Inc. Jackson would like the chapter to consider hosting him for a classical and jazz piano concerto as part of their support for the arts. With his letter, Jackson also submitted a biographical brochure and a program from a concert hosted by the Columbus, Georgia chapter of The Links, Inc.
Date: 1988
Creator: Jackson, Duncan E.

[Letter from Vernis Hudgins to San Antonio Chapter of The Links, Inc. - February 17, 1988]

Description: This February 17, 1988 letter from the parliamentarian of the San Antonio chapter of The Links, Inc. addresses concerns by chapter members about meeting protocol and procedures. Included with the letter is a photocopy of a two-page excerpt from Marguerite Grumme's "Basic Principles of Parliamentary Law and Protocol."
Date: February 17, 1988
Creator: Hudgins, Vernis

[Letter to Mr. Dee Whorton]

Description: Letter to Mr. Dee Whorton, principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, regarding winners of a poetry/essay contest held by the San Antonio Chapter of Links, Inc. in April of 1988.
Date: April 19, 1988
Creator: Links, Inc. San Antonio Chapter.

Link to Link: The President's Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 5, October 1988

Description: Link to Link is the national newsletter for the The Links, Inc., issued by the organization's president. It contains letters from the president as well as information about the national assembly, regional conferences, financial statements (including pledged donations), the organizational charter and bylaws, officers and elections, service programs, and other activities of The Links, Inc. This particular issue contains a memorial tribute to Sarah Strickland Scott.
Date: October 1988
Creator: Links, Inc.