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Black & Blue: Four Hundred Years of Struggle and Transcendence

Description: This manuscript by Sterling Houston is a short play about the struggles and triumphs of African-Americans in the United States and, in particular, Texas over a period of four hundred years. The play features writing by Sterling Houston interwoven with both live and and recorded musical performances, poetic excerpts, and direct quotations from legal documents and decrees.
Date: 2003~
Creator: Houston, Sterling

[Cameoland Musical Program]

Description: Program for the stage musical Cameoland, a Jump-Start Performance Company and Carver Community Cultural Center production written by Sterling Houston. The inside of the program lists cast members, production team members, and short bios of the people in the theatre company.
Date: 2003

[Letter from Edward D. Garza to Sterling Houston - August 6, 2003]

Description: Letter from Edward D. Garza, mayor of the city of San Antonio, to Sterling Houston, prominent local playwright. He writes to invite him to join the Cultural Collaborative Steering Committee, a group composed of leaders in the arts community. The members, chosen from the private and public sector, would have a say in the growth and support of San Antonio's cultural sector.
Date: August 6, 2003
Creator: Garza, Edward D.

[Letter from Karen DeVinney to Sandra Mayo - January 31, 2003]

Description: Letter from Karen DeVinney of the University of North Texas Press to Sandra Mayo, director of the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies at Southwest Texas State University. In trying to publish a collection of plays by Sterling Houston, Mayo has submitted the work-in-progress to DeVinney and an anonymous reader. The reader's report is included after the letter, with the conclusion that the publication will be much richer with a few revisions. DeVinney hopes Mayo can make the revisions and resubmit.
Date: January 31, 2003
Creator: DeVinney, Karen

[Letter from Otis F. Richardson to Sterling Houston - February 24, 2003]

Description: Letter from Otis F. Richardson to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. He writes as an old friend, and sends photocopied pages of a magazine article in THING, in which Houston was profiled. A fourth page shows some of Richardson's work as an illustrator. He discloses to Houston that he would like to start a line of gay and lesbian greeting cards. He has included three of these mock-ups in the letter as well.
Date: February 24, 2003
Creator: Richardson, Otis F.

[Letter from Sandra Cisneros to Sterling Houston - August 17, 2003]

Description: Letter from Sandra Cisneros to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. She writes to congratulate him for receiving a 2003 Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation Award, a fifteen hundred dollar award with no restrictions as to its use. A second letter is included that reads as a press release for the award, with mention of other award winners and the award history.
Date: August 17, 2003
Creator: Cisneros, Sandra

[E-Mail from Craig Gingrich-Philbrook to Paul Bonin-Rodriguez - February 16, 2003]

Description: E-Mail from Craig Gingrich-Philbrook to Paul Bonin-Rodriguez. He fondly writes to Paul informing him that he has just watched his play, Memory's Caretaker, on a tape that Paul sent. He proposes that the play be used as part of a printed forum discussion in Text and Performance Quarterly (TPQ), a scholarly journal. He asks Paul if he would be interested in participating and thanks him for sharing his work with him.
Date: February 16, 2003
Creator: Gingrich-Philbrook, Craig