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[200 Lafitte Lot. No. 351]

Description: One black and white photograph, attached to an index card, of a two story stone schoolhouse at 200 Lafitte, San Antonio. The school is surrounded by a chainlink fence with children playing in the school yard. The school was located in an area that was redeveloped because of HemisFair '68.
Date: [1968-04..1968-07]

1968 TEXAS HEMISFAIR license plate

Description: In a picture, a blonde woman is holding a HemisFair license plate issued to promote the international exposition in San Antonio. Next to her is a world globe with North and South Americas visible. The license plate has "TEXAS" in small capital letters along the top with "68 HEMISFAIR 68" at the bottom of the plate.
Date: 1968~

Alamo City Jazz Band

Description: Photograph of a jazz quintet performing on a stage in front of a small group of people who are seated at three small tables. The name of the quintet is "Alamo City Jazz Band". Most of the people visible in the foreground are drinking beer, and a woman is taking a photograph of the people that are sitting at one of the tables.
Date: 1968?

Bicycle riders in downtown San Antonio

Description: Photograph of girls riding bicycles on the street in front of an entrance to HemisFair '68, in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Many of the people standing outside of the fair's gates are watching the riders pass by. The central concrete shaft of the Tower of the Americas is visible in the background.
Date: 1968


Description: Postcard from the 1968 World's Fair known as HemisFair '68, held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. The illustration on the card shows a mustachioed grinning character wearing a sombrero with the word "Bravo" above it.
Date: 1968

The Bru-it

Description: March-April 1968 issue of the magazine of the Lone Star Brewing Company. Most of the issue is devoted to HemisFair '68, with historical information, and information about facilities, attractions, exhibits, and participants. There are many illustrations of the fair.
Date: 1968

Canada Pavilion

Description: An artistic illustration of the Canada Pavilion at the 1968 World's Fair known as HemisFair '68, held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. Canada was one of more than 20 nations to have pavilions at HemisFair '68. This illustration shows the exterior of the pavilion, with some abstract sculptures.
Date: 1968~