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[Alvin Sueltenfuss at the Winemaking Booth]

Description: Photograph of Alvin Sueltenfuss at the winemaking booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. He is wearing a cowboy hat, a plaid short-sleeved button-up shirt, and Texas-shaped sunglasses. On his shirt he is wearing a name badge with a red ribbon. The table in front of him is covered with a red tablecloth and contains seven bottles of wine. The bottles are not conventional wine bottles; instead they are shaped more like liquor bottles with simple, white labels. Behind the bottles are some information pamphlets.
Date: [1989-08-03..1989-08-06]

[Hat Making]

Description: Photograph of a hat-maker steaming a hat at the Texas Folklife Festival. He is standing in front of the steamer and looking over his shoulder at the camera. He is wearing an apron and holding the brim of a hat that has just been steamed. Lots of steam is billowing up from the area. Overhead there is a light and a steam vent, on which is attached a Texas license plate that says "HAT BOX."
Date: [1989-08-03..1989-08-06]

[Letter from Arlene J. Crewdson to Peter Wolkonsky - January 10, 1989]

Description: Letter from Arlene J. Crewdson, artistic director of the O'Rourke Center for the Performing Arts, to Peter Wolkonsky. She writes that because of preexisting commitments, her and her company will be unable to produce a play by Sterling Houston - A Brief History of American Song. However, she is interested in reading other plays for possible future productions.
Date: January 10, 1989
Creator: Crewdson, Arlene J.

[Letter from Edwina Gray Higgins to Sister Links - January 2, 1989]

Description: Letter from Edwina Gray Higgins to members of the The Links, Inc. in the western United States reminding members of important Western Area business for the new year. Chapters are requested to send all required documentation, including a membership roster, officer list, bylaws, and taxation forms to the area director. Also, chapters should consider making donations to a number of funds, including a relief fund for victims of an earthquake in Oakland. Higgins suggests that because breast cancer rates are increasing in the general population chapters should plan a day for members to receive mammograms in lieu of a regular chapter meeting.
Date: January 2, 1989
Creator: Higgins, Edwina Gray