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[Letter from Frank R. Aqueno to Sterling Houston - October 15, 1992]

Description: Letter from Frank R. Aqueno to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. He writes to invite Houston to his provocative one-man performance piece titled Queer Pier. He encloses a xeroxed newspaper clipping from The Advocate about his play. A third clipping shows a portrait of the writer wearing sunglasses, shorts, and an American flag bandana in front of a chain-link fence.
Date: October 15, 1992
Creator: Aqueno, Frank R.

[Letter to Friends - November 1995]

Description: Letter from an unidentified woman to a close group of friends. She informs them of an incident that occurred in New Orleans one night after leaving a friend's wedding. Walking alone towards her car, she became fearful of a man walking behind her. After passing her, he turned back and showed her a t-shirt that read, "all black men are not criminals." The incident shook her considerably as she considered herself a proud liberal. She notes that the problem of racism can be crystallized in such moments, and that she will continue to fight to find solutions.
Date: November 1995

Official Report Book: The Links, Inc., 30th National Assembly, July 1996

Description: This book contains reports from the national officers and program directors of The Links, Inc., about the activities of the national level of the organization from 1994-1996. It was presented to the 30th National Assembly. This conference is a biennial meeting of chapters of The Links, Inc. located in the United States. The theme for this year's assembly is "Linkages...Toward the Possible."
Date: July 1996
Creator: Links, Inc. National Assembly.

The Links, Incorporated, 30th National Assembly, July 1996: Celebrating 50 Years, 1946-1996

Description: This book collects announcements from local chapters, members, and friends of The Links, Inc. in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the national organization. The book was presented on the occasion of the 30th National Assembly, and the theme for the conference was "Linkages...Toward the Possible."
Date: 1996
Creator: Links, Inc. National Assembly.

The Journal, Volume 10

Description: In honor of the 50th anniversary of The Links, Inc., this book collects brief histories and reports of the organization's local chapters from 1946-1996. It was presented at the organization's 30th National Assembly, and its theme is "Linkages...Toward the Possible: Celebrating 50 Years of Friendship and Service."
Date: 1996
Creator: Links, Inc. National Assembly.