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[Award to John N. Igo]

Description: Photocopied award presented to John Igo for his contributions in local community theatre. The document was presented by S.T.A.G.E. and the American Association of Community Theatre. The award copy was then sent to Sterling Houston according to an accompanying envelope.
Date: August 2000

Black & Blue: Four Hundred Years of Struggle and Transcendence

Description: This manuscript by Sterling Houston is a short play about the struggles and triumphs of African-Americans in the United States and, in particular, Texas over a period of four hundred years. The play features writing by Sterling Houston interwoven with both live and and recorded musical performances, poetic excerpts, and direct quotations from legal documents and decrees.
Date: 2003~
Creator: Houston, Sterling

[Cameoland Musical Program]

Description: Program for the stage musical Cameoland, a Jump-Start Performance Company and Carver Community Cultural Center production written by Sterling Houston. The inside of the program lists cast members, production team members, and short bios of the people in the theatre company.
Date: 2003

[Cathy Crimmins Book Review by Katie Grinch]

Description: Review of the Cathy Crimmins book - How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization: The True and Heroic Story of How Gay Men Shaped the Modern World - by Katie Grinch. She gives several bullet points on how gay culture has influenced mainstream culture, as pointed out in the book. The last page is an excerpt from Crimmins' book.
Date: 2004
Creator: Grinch, Katie

[The Cultural Collaborative Plans and Itineary]

Description: Typed documents on The Cultural Collaborative (TCC): A Community Plan for San Antonio's Creative Economy. Established as a committee composed of arts and cultural leaders in San Antonio, the TCC's job was to develop and cultivate San Antonio's creative industry. The documents have various bullet points and strategies on ways this can be done. The last page is a schedule of events that span from December 2002 to January 2004.
Date: 2002

[FedEx Receipts Between Artie Smoote and Sterling Houston]

Description: FedEx receipts signed between Sterling Houston and Artie Smoote. There is no mention of what kind of package was sent, however the information includes a five-hundred-dollar declared value. The documents vary in date, and the exchange appears to have occurred over a span of more than a year. Two mailing labels have been included, on a translucent piece of paper. The addresses of the two men and their corresponding companies have been hand-written on the back of the labels.
Date: 2001-12/2002-06

[Greeting Card from John N. Igo to Sterling Houston - October 9, 2000]

Description: Greeting card from John Igo to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. A hand-written note inside the card appears to be discussing the acquisition of documentation or archive of some kind. However, it remains difficult to read. The front of the card has been printed with a front view of the White House in daylight.
Date: October 9, 2000
Creator: Igo, John N.

[Letter from Adrien-Alice Hansel to Sterling Houston - September 1, 2004]

Description: Letter from Adrien-Alice Hansel, literary manager of the Actors Theatre of Louisville, to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. The letter informs Mr. Houston that his plays - Le Griffon and The Ballad of Henry Brown/Miz Johnson & Mr. Jones - have not been selected for production at an upcoming festival.
Date: September 1, 2004
Creator: Hansel, Adrien-Alice

[Letter from Dr. Enrique Perez-Rodriguez to The Advocate - March 28, 2004]

Description: Letter from Dr. Enrique Perez-Rodriguez to The Advocate, an American magazine for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender interests. Dr. Perez-Rodriguez sends lengthy commentary on the state of American healthcare; particularly, his many grievances concerning what he believes to be a poor and hypocritical treatment of HIV and indigent patients by politicians and lawmakers.
Date: March 28, 2004
Creator: Perez-Rodriguez, Enrique

[Letter from Edward D. Garza to Sterling Houston - April 25, 2005]

Description: Letter from Edward D. Garza, mayor of San Antonio, to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. He writes to thank him for his participating in the Steering Committee for The Cultural Collaborative (TCC): A Plan for San Antonio's Creative Economy. The committee was put in place to find solutions to support art and cultural programs in the city. With its planning stage over, he discusses the future of the committee, including a new committee to be formed. He invites him to submit nominations for members.
Date: April 25, 2005
Creator: Garza, Edward D.

[Letter from Edward D. Garza to Sterling Houston - August 6, 2003]

Description: Letter from Edward D. Garza, mayor of the city of San Antonio, to Sterling Houston, prominent local playwright. He writes to invite him to join the Cultural Collaborative Steering Committee, a group composed of leaders in the arts community. The members, chosen from the private and public sector, would have a say in the growth and support of San Antonio's cultural sector.
Date: August 6, 2003
Creator: Garza, Edward D.

[Letter from John McBurney to Sterling Houston - October 30, 2002]

Description: Letter from John McBurney to Sterling Houston. He informs Mr. Houston that Tootie Finnell does not have a grave marker, and he would like his input to put on a drag show as a fundraising activity. He suggests the Jump-Start Theatre as a possible location. The letter has been written on a typed report. McBurney has included his business card as a make-up artist.
Date: October 30, 2002
Creator: McBurney, John

[Letter from Karen DeVinney to Sandra Mayo - January 31, 2003]

Description: Letter from Karen DeVinney of the University of North Texas Press to Sandra Mayo, director of the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies at Southwest Texas State University. In trying to publish a collection of plays by Sterling Houston, Mayo has submitted the work-in-progress to DeVinney and an anonymous reader. The reader's report is included after the letter, with the conclusion that the publication will be much richer with a few revisions. DeVinney hopes Mayo can make the revisions and resubmit.
Date: January 31, 2003
Creator: DeVinney, Karen

[Letter from Karen DeVinney to Sterling Houston and Sandra Mayor - August 13, 2004]

Description: Letter from Karen DeVinney, managing editor from the University of North Texas press, to Sandra Mayo and Sterling Houston. She writes to both to inform them of edits that have been made to a manuscript titled Myth, Magic, and Farce. The manuscript is a collection of plays by Houston, a prominent San Antonio playwright. DeVinney goes on to talk about other stages that need to be met before publication.
Date: August 13, 2004
Creator: DeVinney, Karen