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Boat tour

Description: This image is of the LaSalle’s Riverboat Adventure at Six Flags over Texas. The picture is of the large concrete dry dock showing passengers embarking and disembarking two wooden looking riverboats. The waiting area is designed like an old wooden outpost and is decorated with palm trees and wooden barrels. The background of the outpost is overflowing with trees and lush foliage.
Date: October 1966

People at park

Description: This image is of several groups of people walking through a tunnel made out of wire fencing in an area of an amusement park. Several groups of people are walking to and from one side of the park to another passing through this tunnel. The right side of the fence has vines providing shade along the paved path while on the left side there are trees and shrubs several feet away. A small glimpse of activity can be seen at the far end of the tunnel. A man and small boy are next to a small wooden fenced area that is housing a couple of trash cans.
Date: October 1966

Spain Pavilion at HemisFair '68

Description: Color image of the Spain Pavilion at the 1968 World's Fair known as HemisFair '68, held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio. The pavilion has a white stucco exterior finish and has two doors with light brown trim that are a distance apart and separated by a square decorative pattern. There are also several potted plants in front of the building.
Date: 1968?