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[200 Lafitte Lot. No. 351]

Description: One black and white photograph, attached to an index card, of a two story stone schoolhouse at 200 Lafitte, San Antonio. The school is surrounded by a chainlink fence with children playing in the school yard. The school was located in an area that was redeveloped because of HemisFair '68.
Date: [1968-04..1968-07]

President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, and Governor John Connally at Randolph Air Force Base

Description: Image of President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, Governor John Connally of Texas, and other people standing in a podium booth in front of a crowd at Randolph Air Force Base, on July 4, 1968. Walter W. McAllister (Mayor of San Antonio) and William Sinkin are visible standing in the background. President Johnson visited San Antonio, Texas, on this day to take part in HemisFair '68 celebrations and festivities. Several ladies, wearing colorful festive type dresses and hats, are standing in line in the background. A portion of the Presidential aircraft, Air Force One, is also visible in the background.
Date: July 4, 1968

216 Wyoming Lot No. 379-church

Description: The black and white photograph is of a church located on 216 Wyoming St. The church is a rectangular brick building with a mission style exterior, and a small dome structure on the roof. It appears that all the stained glass has been removed from the buildings windows. The front of the building has two arch windows to the left and right of the front door. The window to the left has a visible ocular window below the base of the arched window. What appears to have been a circular rose window sits above the front door to the building. There is a sidewalk that passes in front of the church with an electrical pole is positioned on the park slope, and stairs that lead up to the front door of the church. There are homes on either side of the church, the home on the right hand side visibly separate by a chain link fence, the other on the left by a wooden fence.
Date: 196u

Report on Activities of HemisFair Promotion Committee

Description: A report that describes the activities of the HemisFair Promotion Committee in May 1968 for generating publicity about HemisFair '68. The report emphasises the need for a formal publicity department and the various channels for generating publicity, including promotional tours to other cities, billboards, radio, special day events, and working with schools to promote the fair.
Date: June 14, 1968

Alamo City Jazz Band

Description: Photograph of a jazz quintet performing on a stage in front of a small group of people who are seated at three small tables. The name of the quintet is "Alamo City Jazz Band". Most of the people visible in the foreground are drinking beer, and a woman is taking a photograph of the people that are sitting at one of the tables.
Date: 196u

Boat tour

Description: This image is of the LaSalle’s Riverboat Adventure at Six Flags over Texas. The picture is of the large concrete dry dock showing passengers embarking and disembarking two wooden looking riverboats. The waiting area is designed like an old wooden outpost and is decorated with palm trees and wooden barrels. The background of the outpost is overflowing with trees and lush foliage.
Date: October 1966

People at park

Description: This image is of several groups of people walking through a tunnel made out of wire fencing in an area of an amusement park. Several groups of people are walking to and from one side of the park to another passing through this tunnel. The right side of the fence has vines providing shade along the paved path while on the left side there are trees and shrubs several feet away. A small glimpse of activity can be seen at the far end of the tunnel. A man and small boy are next to a small wooden fenced area that is housing a couple of trash cans.
Date: October 1966