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[Student National Coordinating Committee Pamphlet]

Description: Pamphlet provided by the Student National Coordinating Committee (S.N.C.C), a political and civil rights organization in San Antonio. Two blocks of text have been placed inside. The first, on the inside, is by Malcolm X, in which he compares the behaviors of some members of the African-American community to slaves in the American antebellum period using its specific, charged language. On the backside, a list of sixteen rules for members of the organization precede a portrait of H. Rap Brown.
Date: 1971

[Letter from Carl Richardson and Mario Salas - May 31, 1971]

Description: Letter from Carlos Richardson and Mario Marcel Salas of the Student National Coordinating Committee to Bishop O. Eugene Slater and other members of the Christian community. They write to propose a number of possible philanthropic and charitable solutions that their churches may use to help San Antonio's impoverished residents. It includes the establishment of legal defense funds and transportation to those on welfare, among others.
Date: May 31, 1971
Creator: Richardson, Carlos & Salas, Mario Marcel

[William B. Lloyd Jr. Paper on International Broadcasting]

Description: Typed two-page paper on international broadcasting as it stood in the late 1970's. Authored by William B. Lloyd, Jr., chairman of a Policy Committee associated with the United Nations, the paper discusses a monopoly of satellite broadcasting by the United States and other industrialized countries, and attempts to curb this hegemony by third world countries. Lloyd proposes a solution and discusses a way for it to begin.
Date: 1976~
Creator: Lloyd, William B., Jr.

[BCMM Petition Against KAPE Radio]

Description: Petition put out by the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM) asking for signatures in their fight against KAPE radio. The San Antonio broadcasters have been criticized by the BCMM for adversely representing the needs of the black community.
Date: March 1975

[Letter from Bilger & Blair to William B. Ray - July 3, 1974]

Description: Letter from Bilger & Blair, attorneys at law, to William B. Ray, chief of the complaints and compliance division of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Although only one page of the letter has been provided, it would appear that the attorneys are explaining a miscommunication that occurred between members of the Black Coalition on Mass Media and the KAPE radio sales manager - Franklin Collins. He did not provide a copy of a renewal application because he did not know it was available.
Date: July 3, 1974
Creator: Bilger, Donald E. & Blair, Forbes W.

[Letter from Nolan A. Bowie to Mario Marcel Salas - November 20, 1974]

Description: Letter from Nolan A. Bowie to Mario Marcel Salas, president of the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM). He writes to share his opinion on the dispute that developed between BCMM and KAPE radio, and as to whether or not the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would consider his petition to deny the radio station a license renewal. He doesn't think it will go far, but encourages Mr. Salas to not give up.
Date: November 20, 1974
Creator: Bowie, Nolan A.

[Letter from Mario Marcel Salas to Emerson Marcee - March 12, 1975]

Description: Letter from Mario Marcel Salas, president of the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM), to Emerson Marcee, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He requests the opportunity to make a presentation to the NAACP, so that the BCMM may receive support for their ongoing dispute with KAPE radio, which they have consistently criticized for discrediting the African-American community.
Date: March 12, 1975
Creator: Salas, Mario Marcel

[Letter from Mario Marcel Salas to William B. Ray - June 18, 1974]

Description: Letter from Mario Marcel Salas, president of the Black Coalition on Mass Media (BCMM), to William B. Ray of the Complaints and Compliance Division at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He writes to request a 60 day extension for a petition to deny renewal of the KAPE radio license. He also asks that no renewal be given by the FCC until they are able to complete their investigation. The requests are made on the grounds that KAPE refused to provide BCMM members a copy of their 1974 renewal application, which is against the law.
Date: June 18, 1974
Creator: Salas, Mario Marcel

[Mario Marcel Salas and Two Men at Table]

Description: Photograph of three men sitting at a table, a short distance away from an American flag and a map that's been pinned to a wall. The men sport short afros and wear formal attire. The man in the middle with sunglasses has been identified as Mario Marcel Salas, future San Antonio politician, professor, and civil rights leader.
Date: 1975

[Men at Anti-Kruggerard Campaign]

Description: Photograph of five men standing in a row outdoors. They have been identified, from left to right, as: Rick Marshall Green, Mario Marcel Salas (future politician and civil rights leader of San Antonio), Reverend Claude W. Black of Mt. Zion First Baptist Church, Leon Green (Rick's father), and Tommy (T. C.) Calvert. Hand-written note on the back of the photograph indicates men were gathered for the Anti-Kruggerard Campaign.
Date: 1976

[Letter from Mario Marcel Salas to the United States Justice Department - November 8, 1979]

Description: Letter from Mario Marcel Salas of the Black Coalition on Mass Media to the Civil Rights Division of the United States Justice Department. He writes with an urgent tone, as word has spread of a possible march by the Ku Klux Klan. A radio personality, a city councilman, and an organization protesting a housing project have all been linked to the event. Fears of Klan members carrying weapons and enacting violence pose additional threats.
Date: November 8, 1979
Creator: Salas, Mario Marcel