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Spain Pavilion at HemisFair '68

Description: Color image of the Spain Pavilion at the 1968 World's Fair known as HemisFair '68, held from April to October 1968 in San Antonio. The pavilion has a white stucco exterior finish and has two doors with light brown trim that are a distance apart and separated by a square decorative pattern. There are also several potted plants in front of the building.
Date: 1968?

Overview of Downtown and HemisFair

Description: A black and white photograph of an artistic illustration of downtown San Antonio during HemisFair '68. Prominent buildings of the fair visible include the Tower of the Americas, the Convention Center and Arena, the United States Confluence Theater, and amusement rides. Fireworks and search lights are lighting up the night sky. The San Antonio landmark, the Alamo, is illustrated in the lower left-hand corner.
Date: 1968?

Convention Theater

Description: An artistic illustration of the Theatre and River Court. The extension of the San Antonio River into the Theatre courtyard enable fairgoers to enter the fairgrounds by gondolas from downtown river points. The theatre building features a mural by Juan O'Gorman. This illustration was published in the HemisFair '68 souvenir book.
Date: 1968?

108 Lafitte Lot No. 331-single family dwelling

Description: Two photographs of a small house at 108 Lafitte, San Antonio. It has a porch supported by 5 columns with decorative trim at the top of each column. The back of a large road sign and the top of the Tower Life Building in downtown San Antonio are visible. A fence runs along one side of the house and there is a "no parking" sign on it. The second photograph shows the house from the other side. The large sign is a political advertisement for Don Yarborough for governor. Next to one side of the house is a gas station and next to the other side is a bus depot. The house is located in an area that was redeveloped because of HemisFair '68.
Date: 196u

Tower of the Americas and Confluence Theater at night

Description: Color photograph of the Tower of the Americas and the U.S. Confluence Theater at night. The foreground right-hand side shows a portion of the U.S. Confluence Theater; the backround left-hand side shows the Tower of the Americas. The Confluence Theater is lit with yellow light from the inside and outside, while the central shaft and base of the observation deck are lit with white light. At the top of the observation deck is a ring of yellow lights that line its circumference.
Date: 1968