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[Letter from Joe Ann Brown to Margaret Winn - March 8, 1987]

Description: Letter from Joe Ann Brown to Margaret Winn announcing that the San Antonio chapter of The Links, Inc. will receive the Fred D. Patterson Award in the Youth Category. The award will be presented at a dinner and details are provided. Winn should reply as soon as possible to confirm attendance at the dinner or make arrangements to pick up the award prior to the event.
Date: March 8, 1987
Creator: Brown, Joe Ann

[Letter from Alfred Castellano, Edward R. Day, Keith L. Charlton to John Saunders - March 23, 1981]

Description: Letter from Alfred Castellano, Edward R. Day, and Keith L. Charlton Jr. to John Saunders at Organizations United for Eastside Development (OUED). The men are writing in response to a complaint filed by OUED concerning an unnamed indiscretion by an EMS Technician. They inform Mr. Saunders that proper action has been taken and that further recommendations were given to the Fire Chief.
Date: March 23, 1981
Creator: Castellano, Alfred; Day, Edward R. & Charlton, Keith L., Jr.

[Links Chapter Documentation: Recommendation to San Antonio Chapter of Links, Inc. - March 1988]

Description: Recommendation from member Deborah Crawford to the San Antonio Chapter of The Links, Inc. submitted on March 15, 1988. This recommendation proposes that outstanding students affiliated with other Texas chapters be invited to an upcoming conference of Texas chapters to receive recognition and network with peers.
Date: March 15, 1988
Creator: Crawford, Deborah

[Letter from Arlene J. Crewdson to Peter Wolkonsky - January 10, 1989]

Description: Letter from Arlene J. Crewdson, artistic director of the O'Rourke Center for the Performing Arts, to Peter Wolkonsky. She writes that because of preexisting commitments, her and her company will be unable to produce a play by Sterling Houston - A Brief History of American Song. However, she is interested in reading other plays for possible future productions.
Date: January 10, 1989
Creator: Crewdson, Arlene J.

[Memorandum from Florence L. Davis to Chapter Presidents and National Trends and Services Chairmen - May 1, 1986]

Description: Memorandum from Florence L. Davis to chapter presidents and National Trends and Services chairmen of The Links, Inc. encouraging chapters to develop programs around drug and alcohol awareness, education, and prevention. She provides several examples of successful programs that other chapters have already implemented.
Date: May 1, 1986
Creator: Davis, Florence L.

[Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medical Show]

Description: Photograph of the Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medical Show. In the photograph, Smoky stands on the far left of the stage , wearing a coonskin cap and red bandanna on top of a floral shirt, denim pants, and suspenders. To the right of Smoky, Malcolm Derden plays the role of the Doctor in the show, while Glenda White performs a dance for the audience.
Date: [1983-09-07..1983-09-10]
Creator: Derden, Winston

[Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medical Show]

Description: Photograph of Malcolm Derden and Smoky Wilson performing on stage at the Texas Folklife Festival as part of Dr. Millard J. Dresden's Old Time Medicine Show. Smoky is wearing a coonskin cap and a red bandanna over a floral shirt, jeans, and suspenders. Malcolm plays the role of Dr. Millard, wearing a white vest, shirt, black pants, black bow tie, and a black cowboy hat.
Date: [1983-09-07..1983-09-10]
Creator: Derden, Winston

[Letter from Jill T. Faillard to Doris McCarroll - 1987-01-12]

Description: This letter from American Airlines to Western Area Director of The Links, Inc. Doris McCarroll gives confirmation that American Airlines will serve as the official airline for the 28th Western Area Conference of The Links, Inc. in Waco, Texas. The letter outlines the promotions that conference attendees will enjoy if they choose to fly with American Airlines.
Date: January 12, 1987
Creator: Faillard, Jill T.