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[E-mail from Tanya Palmer to Sterling Houston - November 27, 2000]

Description: Letter from Tanya Palmer of the Actors Theatre of Louisville to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. She writes to send him a Commission Agreement that needs to be signed by Houston to allow for a collaboration between the Actors Theatre and Houston's theatre group, the Jump-Start Performance Company. A fax transmission report that was sent back to Tanya is also included as well as a copy of "Message Sent", the play entered for submission to the Actors Theatre.
Date: November 27, 2000
Creator: Palmer, Tanya

[Greeting Card from John N. Igo to Sterling Houston - October 9, 2000]

Description: Greeting card from John Igo to Sterling Houston, prominent San Antonio playwright. A hand-written note inside the card appears to be discussing the acquisition of documentation or archive of some kind. However, it remains difficult to read. The front of the card has been printed with a front view of the White House in daylight.
Date: October 9, 2000
Creator: Igo, John N.