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Western Area Newsletter, Volume 6, Number 2, November 1978

Description: The Western Area Newsletter is a quarterly publication of local chapters of The Links, Inc., located in the western United States. It contains letters from the area director as well as chapter reports, financial statements, rosters, member updates, officer information, conference announcements, and other news related to the organization's service and personal development activities.
Date: November 1978
Creator: Links, Inc. Western Area.

[Link to Link]: The President's Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 1, August 1978

Description: Link to Link is the national newsletter for the The Links, Inc., issued by the organization's president. It contains letters from the president as well as information about the national assembly, regional conferences, financial statements (including pledged donations), the organizational charter and bylaws, officers and elections, service programs, and other activities of The Links, Inc.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Links, Inc.

[Black Coalition on Mass Media July Minutes]

Description: Minutes for a July 1978 meeting of the Black Coalition on Mass Media, a civil rights organization for the betterment of African-American representation in the media. The document contains lists on issues discussed and the names of those present.
Date: July 12, 1978
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Mario Marcel Salas to Mr. Moreno - July 12, 1978]

Description: Letter from Mario Marcel Salas, president of the Black Coalition on Mass Media, to Mr. Moreno of the Booker T. Washington Foundation. He writes to thank him for a packet he sent, and for further help in organizing a model ordinance and perhaps even a representative to help with some negotiations.
Date: July 12, 1978
Creator: Salas, Mario Marcel
Item Type: Letter