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[Foster Home (W. H. Mason) - b - 123 Hudson Drive]
Photograph of the north side of the two story plaster building including a small covered porch with a hanging potted plant. The building is obscured by a hedge of bushes, trees, utility pole, and a white construction wall or block with a grass lawn in the foreground.
[Swift Home - 400 Spring Street]
Photograph of a multiple story building with a stone half walled and covered front porch. Bushes line the front of the house to either side of the front stairs, and two large trees mostly obscure the building.
[Perry Store (Whitehead Memorial Museum) - 1400 block of South Main Street]
Photograph of a stacked flint rock two story main building with attached one story section; the left photograph shows the front of the building with a garage door in the one story section, a medallion of Texas and a plaque above the front door, and two historical markers flank the front door; the right photograph shows the back of the building with a wooden staircase to the second story door, wooden panels across the one story section, and two trees obscure the building.
[Taini Home - SE Corner Main and Ney Streets]
Photograph of a Spanish-Italian cut rock, one story building with a chimney, covered front porch with detailed cross banister. A stone bench sits in front of the home windows shadowed by a tree and bushes. A metal wire fence with a vertical wooden board in the center encloses the grass lawn.
[Qualia Winery - a - Hudson Drive]
Photograph of rows of grape vines growing under a tree at a winery. A wood post and welded wire fence separate the grape vines from the street. Trees line the background.
[Duke Home - 108 East Broadway]
Photograph of a two story, peaked roof building with a screened in porch, bay windows, and an appliance extending from the street side of the building. Another one story building with a partially visible sign (City of) and a small windmill is to the right of the building. Partial parked cars are visible to either side of the photograph.
[Teasdale Home - 109 West 2nd Street]
Photograph of a two story building with shutters on the outside side of a set of windows, stairs lead up to the front door with a small stoop, and a triangle moulding frames the top of the door displaying the street numbers 109. Most of the house is obscured by two trees flanking the front walkway. A utility pole is next to the street in the foreground.
[Foster Home (W. H. Mason) - a - 123 Hudson Drive]
Photograph of a plaster building with a two story main section: square pillars extend past the roof line, shutters are around the front windows and flower boxes are under the upper front windows, and one story building extensions on either side of the center entrance; the windows on the left extension are arched, and a double french door is located on the right extension. A few unidentified people are standing in the entrance.
[Rose Building (Burke) - 748 South Main Street]
Photograph (left) of a car driving down the street in front of the Rita Theatre and the next storefront with a striped curtain hanging from the suspended awning. Photograph (right) of a wrought iron staircase with lacy details on each riser and ornate handrail posts which is located in a thin alley between two buildings.
[Greenwood Park - Greenwood, Garfield, Griner Streets]
Photograph of an adobe gazebo with stairs located in a park's grass lawn with a five large trees and one sapling. Behind the park is a car on the street and a two story building with arched openings and an multi-story extension above the roof, possibly a church.
[Railroad Rooms - 109 West Martin Street]
Photograph of an adobe one story building in very poor repair, with three peaks in the roof with circular vents on the front wall. The front wall is stained two colors, materials are torn up from the base of the wall, and the wall bears the remains of a roof over the concrete slab covered with construction materials (used to be a front porch). A car is parked on the lawn parallel to the front of the house by the front walkway. A concrete entry for a driveway is visible along the sidewalk between a utility pole and a sign reading No Parking - Drive Way.
[Warner Building - NE Corner Main Street and Losoya]
Photograph of a two story building on a street corner with a smooth white storefront, blue painted and windowed storefront, and a stone side wall with arched and sealed doorway and windows. The building boasts three signs: hanging wall sign is illegible, banner sign on the stone wall advertises the Mill Outlet, the painted signs over the store entrance advertise the building as a super mercado (supermarket).
[Henson Hotel - 211-221 South Main Street]
Photograph of a long two story storefront with suspended awning, barber pole, and signs reading Rio Loans, Loans, WIPFF'S Furniture & Appliance, and WIPFF'S Furniture and Appliance Sales Services.Two people are walking along the sidewalk where there are parking meters and cars parked on the street.
[Yates Hotel - 204 South Main Street]
Photograph of a two story building with curtained storefront, suspended awning under small windows, and a hanging sign (Air Conditioned) between the second story windows. A ladder sits on top of the awning, and a car is partially visible on the street.
[Price Lumber Company - b - 432 South Main Street]
Photograph of an adobe two story building with blue trim, glass storefront, suspended awning, and red painted letters reading A W Carpets and Interiors. Some plants are growing around the corner of the building, and a parking meter sits along the sidewalk by the street.
[Railroad House - 127 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building with a small awning over the front door, a short white wall built in front of the front door, a walkway following the length of the house (to the right), and maroon trim and brick detail work above the doors and windows. The yard is framed by rose bushes, a swing set sits in front of a tree by the house, and a For Sale and tall metal pipe stand are in the foreground.
[Qualia Winery - b - Hudson Drive]
Photograph of the Val Verde Winery B.W. Texas17 Entrance sign next to a historical marker standing in a median separating the street from a parking lot for a large two story building. The building has three yellow shuttered windows along the first floor, and a car is parked on either side of the parking lot.
[Cadena Blacksmith Shop - 112 Canal Street]
Photograph of a partial view of the Cadena Blacksmith Shop building; part of the painted sign is seen on the storefront (left).
[Old Val Verde County Jail - b - 209 Losoya]
Photograph of a rock two story building with two entrances on either side of the building and a recessed back portion of the building with two sets of windows on the second story and one small window on the first story. A large tree with a trunk painted white is on either corner of the building, and some orange construction barricades are placed along the recessed building section. A stop sign on the opposite street corner is visible in the foreground.
[Lindheim - Roach McLymont - Bealls - 801 Canal-Main Street]
Photograph of a two story building, glass storefront, a suspended blue, white, and black decorative awning, and balconies under each second story window. A trashcan and street sign reading "No right turn on red" are on the corner in front of the double doors into the storefront, under a sign for Beall's. A partial view of a pickup truck is visible on either side of the photograph.
[Old Federal Building - Corner of Main and Broadway]
Photograph of a Italian Renaissance styled three story building with stairs, flanked by globe light poles, leading up to the entrances on either side of the building, medallion on the second story facade, small balconies around each second story building, a flag pole and antenna atop the building. Trees are growing on the street corner by the street light, fire hydrant, and hanging traffic light.
[H. J. Ware Building - Rita Theatre - 746 South Main]
Photograph of the Rita Theater entrance, four movie posters, and matinee sign reading "Roy Rogers in Mackintosh & T J" "Sat and Sun Matinee G." Another storefront is visible to the right with a partially legible sign. A teal pickup truck and partial view of a car are parked on the street.
[Marini Barn - Corner Hudson and Nicholson Streets]
Photograph of a two story adobe barn with teal shuttered windows and an illegible sign on the second story and a fully planked enclosed covered one story addition which is covered in vines. Another structure is partially visible past the tree. A dirt driveway angles across the photo between the tree and a small flowering bush to the barn.
[Price Lumber Company - a - 43? South Main Street]
Photograph of a gravel and overgrown alleyway between two storefronts (left is a blue and white two story: Price Lumber Company, right is one story with a vine growing up the taller storefront) to another building's corner and construction scaffolding blocking another building structure. A sidewalk and blurry vehicle fill the foreground, and some trees and utility pole are in the background.
[Ray Home - Duke Street]
Photograph of an adobe one story building with a corner covered porch, utility box and wire on the front wall, and the left wall has eight windows along the side of the house. A large tree stands in the foreground of the grass lawn, and trees grow beside and behind the building.
[Tagliabue Home - 609 Pecan Street]
Photograph of a peak roof one story building with five windows wrapping the corner of the building next to the front door. The roof of the attached storefront is barely visible to the left of the front door. The yard is enclosed by a white picket fence, and bushes and trees are growing in the lot next door.
[Tagliabue Store - 609 Pecan Street]
Photograph of partially visible adobe one story store attached to a partially visible one story home. The front of the store has a painted letters on the extended storefront reading, Tagliabue's Store," the windows and doors have red trim, and a sign sits on the sidewalk reading Beer Wine To Go. The home's yard is enclosed with a white picked fence with gate.
[Tom Pafford Home - 709 Pecan Street]
Photograph of an adobe one story building covered by wood paneling, red trim around the windows, and seven windows (4 and 3) wrap around a corner of the building. A yellow temporary building is partially visible, hidden by trees, to the right of the main building. A dirt driveway circles around the main building, and pipe machinery is visible in the lower corner of the frame.
[Patton Home - Greenwood Street]
Photograph of an adobe one story building with brick chimney, covered porch completely filled with plants, and white fabric on the red roof. A wooden rail fence structure separates the overgrown yard (including a palm tree trunk) from the dirt / gravel area along the street.
[Pennington Building - 625 South Main Street]
Photograph of the side of a storefront in poor repair next to a gravel lot with a small bush growing at the corner by a stand along sign reading Private = Parking, Del Rio Beauty Salon. A brick column marks the building's corner, a small bricks form the area at the top of the wall and have regularly spaced small rectangular marks, and the main wall facade is in very poor repair with huge areas of missing paint or plaster.
[Marcy Martin - Main Street]
Photograph of a corner building with brick column and wall base details, a windowed storefront with hanging sign reading Cowboy Outfitter, suspended awning. A car is parked at a meter in front of a partially visible painted mural along the side of the building: image of a cowboy on a bucking bronco and reading Pross? World Champion? A potted plant, two utility poles, and a street sign for Broadway and S Main St are on the street corner with a red curb.
[Marini Home - Corner Hudson and Nicholson Streets]
Photograph of a wood one story building with a bay window extension next to the covered and half walled front porch. A tall palm tree partially blocks the view of the front porch's blue stairs, flanked by two bushes. The yard is enclosed by a short white picket fence with a gate. A brick building is partially visible past two trees behind the house.
[Ross Drug Store - 800 South Main Street]
Photograph of two story building, located on a street corner, with a windowed storefront covered by a shingle awning and signs reading Ross Drugs from the awning and from the second story facade.The storefront wall has second story windows and stone decorative corner pillars while the side of the building shows bricked up remnants of old windows and features. A child walks in front of the store window, and a car is parked along the street.
[Bob Burdett Grocery - Main Street]
Photograph of a two-story corner brick building, built in 1928, with suspended awning and a partially visible sign that reads Ho?? Appliance Co. Customer Parking Only.
[Cassinelli Gin House - a - NE Corner Academy and Pecan Streets]
Photograph of a two story brick building with a wooden staircase to a second story entrance. The yard is grass near the house, but mainly dirt / sand with a scattering of plants in the foreground. Behind the house is a street with two cars along a forested area.
[Gibons Home - 315 West 2nd Street]
Photograph of a plaster one story building with a brick chimney above the roof and a covered front porch supported by columns. The grass lawn is overgrown, and a broken front walk leads to the front door from the street.
[Dietert Home - 208 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building including a bay window addition with brick detail on the corners and a covered porch with a large plywood sheet against the wall and fabric draped on the banister. A blue car is parked in front of the porch, and a two story house is partially visible behind the home. The foreground shows a tree, utility pole, and concrete slab with curb in the yard next to the street curb.
[Fawcett Home - a - 416 Spring Street]
Photograph of a stucco, two story building with a short set of brick stairs leading up to a front porch with arched openings built flush with a second floor extension. A partial one story building is visible behind trees, bushes, and two benches to the right of the building.
[Cassinelli Gin House - b - NE Corner of Academy and Pecan Streets]
Photograph of a stone and brick two story building; a partial view of a wooden structure (possibly staircase) against the left side of the building. Small areas of grass are against the building prefaced by a gravel area by the street.
[Madison Gas Station/Store - 109 South Main Street]
Photograph of a brick one story building with red painted letters, some of which read Radiator and Service, and a porte-cochère, under which a car is parked. A metal fence with gate and sign reading Please No Parking in the Drive Way encloses an overgrown grass area and rusted structure next to the building. The concrete / gravel driveway is in poor repair with large potholes and puddles.
[Galindo Store - Corner Main and Pafford Streets]
Photograph of a two story adobe building, painted aqua colored, with suspended awning and four sets of a door and window along the first floor. A one story white building is partially visible attached to the back of the building. The building is situated on the corner of two streets, and a stop sign is located at the corner.
[Griffen Home - Garfield Street]
Photograph of an adobe building with black trim windows, a covered front porch, short wooden stake fence, rock lined garden beds, tall trees, and a yellow yard sign. The building is located on a corner lot with a white post on the corner reading "Pulliam St"
[Julius Franki Home - a - 500 Hudson Drive]
Photograph of a two story building with arched entryway and shuttered windows located at a T-juncture of streets. Trees and a wire fence line the building's property. A utility pole is located on the foreground corner lot.
[Julius Franki Home - b - 500 Hudson Drive]
Photograph of a two story building with an overhanging roof that is mostly obscured by trees along a paved driveway. A green fence encircles a tree on the right side of the photo, and the foreground is a grass and dirt lawn area.
[Kent Home - Bolner Lane]
Photograph of an adobe building with a covered front porch in the shadow of a large tree in the overgrown lawn. A wire fence is in the foreground.
[Comolli Home - Las Vacas Street]
Photograph of a two story adobe home, built in 1885, with a covered walkway, and double-decked porch with built-in solid banister. An uncovered walkway extends from the street to the house where a roof begins and follows along each side of the house. The yard is mostly grass with five bushes spread along both sides of the home with a street lamp positioned between the two left bushes.
[Early Pafford Home - 201 East Pafford]
Photograph of a one story adobe building with two front doors, yellow trim, and wrought iron columns. Potted plants cover the front porch: hanging and on cinder blocks, and plants fill the yard. A chain link fence crosses the foreground of the photograph.
[Brown Home - Losoya]
Photograph of a one story adobe home with blue roof, two chimneys, and vines growing down from the eaves; view is from across the street.
[Carl Balmer Home - 805 Griner]
Photograph of a seemingly well kept adobe and plaster house with a short wall fence, slightly overgrown with plants, enclosing the yard and trees. The foreground includes a gravel patch between the street and the wall fence.
[Block Home - a - End of East Strickland Street]
Photograph of an adobe home in poor repair with two front doors, a front porch, and a dirt driveway. An extension of the home or a separate building is visible to the right and behind the main house.