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[Greenwood Park - Greenwood, Garfield, Griner Streets]
Photograph of an adobe gazebo with stairs located in a park's grass lawn with a five large trees and one sapling. Behind the park is a car on the street and a two story building with arched openings and an multi-story extension above the roof, possibly a church.
[Henson Hotel - 211-221 South Main Street]
Photograph of a long two story storefront with suspended awning, barber pole, and signs reading Rio Loans, Loans, WIPFF'S Furniture & Appliance, and WIPFF'S Furniture and Appliance Sales Services.Two people are walking along the sidewalk where there are parking meters and cars parked on the street.
[LaCrosse Home - 109 East 2nd Street]
Photograph of a two story, rock and wood paneled building with a corner covered wrap around porch supported by wrought iron columns. An air conditioner is in the second story leftmost window and the first floor window to the right of the front door. Two walkways cross the grass lawn.
[Swift Home - 400 Spring Street]
Photograph of a multiple story building with a stone half walled and covered front porch. Bushes line the front of the house to either side of the front stairs, and two large trees mostly obscure the building.
[Greenwood Home - 407 Griner]
Photograph of a plaster building, in poor condition, with two different front doors and a covered front porch. A large tree is growing to the left of the front doors in an overgrown lawn. A sidewalk, utility pole and lines, and a street are in the foreground.
[Will Whitehead Home - 210 East 8th Street]
Photograph of a two story building with a covered front porch, staircase up the side of the house to the second story, and a short set of stairs to a door near the back of the house. A large tree by the front walkway obscures most of the house.
[Willis Home - 507 Greenwood]
Photograph of a one story building with a circular window at both peaked roofs and a covered porch with street numbers on the eaves. Trees grow along the side of the building, and the grass yard is well maintained with a front walkway and sidewalk.
[Block Home - b - End of East Strickland Street]
Photograph of an adobe home in poor repair with a front porch; home is viewed from across the overgrown lawn.
[Block Home - a - End of East Strickland Street]
Photograph of an adobe home in poor repair with two front doors, a front porch, and a dirt driveway. An extension of the home or a separate building is visible to the right and behind the main house.
[Teasdale Home - 109 West 2nd Street]
Photograph of a two story building with shutters on the outside side of a set of windows, stairs lead up to the front door with a small stoop, and a triangle moulding frames the top of the door displaying the street numbers 109. Most of the house is obscured by two trees flanking the front walkway. A utility pole is next to the street in the foreground.
[Railroad House - 127 East Martin Street]
Photograph of a one story building with a small awning over the front door, a short white wall built in front of the front door, a walkway following the length of the house (to the right), and maroon trim and brick detail work above the doors and windows. The yard is framed by rose bushes, a swing set sits in front of a tree by the house, and a For Sale and tall metal pipe stand are in the foreground.
[Fred Brown Home - 709 Spring]
Photograph of a two story frame and plaster building with peaked gable windows above the covered columned front porch. The building is surrounded by trees and plants with a front walkway leading to the concrete stairs up to the front porch. A sidewalk follows the street in the foreground.
[Dr. Rose Home - 1100 Griner]
Photograph of a one story plaster building with a small roof above the front door and supported by four columns. A large tree looms in the grass yard and bushes line the house.
[Kent Home - Bolner Lane]
Photograph of an adobe building with a covered front porch in the shadow of a large tree in the overgrown lawn. A wire fence is in the foreground.
[Armstrong House - 821 Spring]
Photograph of a home mostly obscured by trees, a hedge borders the yard, and a mailbox is to the left of the front walkway opening.
[Sneddon Home - 100 East 1st Street]
Photograph of a two story building with two chimneys and a covered porch supported with wooden posts. A shed structure sits on the porch, and large plants fill the overgrown yard.
[Williams Hospital - 213 East Martin]
Photograph of a brick and plaster one story building with a covered front porch, and many potted plants on the porch. Some bushes and a tree line the front walkway and the front porch.
[Early Pafford Home - 201 East Pafford]
Photograph of a one story adobe building with two front doors, yellow trim, and wrought iron columns. Potted plants cover the front porch: hanging and on cinder blocks, and plants fill the yard. A chain link fence crosses the foreground of the photograph.
[Marion Pafford Home - 305 Canal]
Photograph of a plaster building with craftsman style columns for the front porch with white trim, and a vertical striped additions to the left of the building. A tall chain link fence with gate encloses the trees and grass front yard, and short bushes line the front walkway. The sidewalk in front of the fence is broken and in poor repair.
[Bochat Home - 400 Nicholson Street]
Photograph of a seemingly well kept house built using adobe and plaster with two entry doors and a front porch. View is from across the mowed yard.
[Thurmond Home - 514 East Garfield]
Photograph of a one story building with a covered front porch wrapping around the close corner of the building; the porch curves instead of forming an angle. Three trees line the sidewalk and obscure the house. The street and utility lines are visible in the foreground.