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Daniel, Lafayette, and Neville

Description: Photograph of a man holding a young boy on his shoulders while a child sits on the young boy's shoulder. The caption on the photo identifies them as Daniel, Lafayette, and Neville (but does not identify which is which). Lafayette may be Lafayette Ward Mitchell, youngest son of J. D. and Agnes(Ward) Mitchell. Daniel and Nevill may be Daniel and Nevil Allnoch, sons of Fred J. and Rebecca (Mitchell) Allnoch. In background are houses or businesses and a horse and buggy.
Date: unknown
Creator: Mitchell, J. D.

Toads and Copperhead

Description: Photograph of toads and a Copperhead laid out on a cloth on the ground. The Copperhead appears to be dead. At least some of the toads appear to be alive. The booted feet of a person standing nearby can be seen in the photo.
Date: March 5, 1910
Creator: Mitchell, Joseph Daniel

Freddie and sister Allnoch

Description: Photograph of two children standing with their backs to the camera, looking at a river. They are Fred Allnoch and his sister whose name is not given. They are the children of Fred J. and Rebecca (Mitchell) Allnoch.
Date: March 5, 1910
Creator: Mitchell, J. D.