Van Zandt County Library

The library is the integral resource in the flow and management of information for Van Zandt County. It is the policy of this library to develop and offer superior service in its collection and technology, reflecting concern for all citizens to receive cultural, recreational, and educational information which will benefit and empower the residents of this county. Van Zandt County Library rigorously upholds the principles of equal access and assistance for all residents, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or religion.

The Van Zandt County Library is the county learning center, offering to all who wish to avail themselves of its services the most advanced resources available locally. It is the first source that citizens turn to seeking answers to their questions and for information that will empower their lives. The Van Zandt County Library received a Tocker Foundation award to add the county newspaper collection to The Portal to Texas History.





317 First Monday Lane
Canton, Texas 75103

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