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[13 Women Standing Around the Graduate Statue]

Description: Photograph of thirteen women wearing blue hats and holding red roses at the WASP homecoming, posing with a statue in the National WASP WWII Museum. Nine of the women are arranged in two rows on the left side of the statue and four others are to the right. A blue backdrop is behind the statue with the name "Aviation Enterprises Ltd." across the top.
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[43-4 WASP Group Photo]

Description: Photograph of a group of nineteen WASP, some in uniform, posing in tow rows of chairs fro a reunion photo. The woman in the center of the front row is holding a small sign with the group's class number, 43-4. A floral wallpapered wall can be seen in the background. Several notes handwritten on the back can be seen listing the names of some of the group members. The notes read, "Vi Thurn ?, Helen Snapp, Fran Sargent, Virginia Watry, Me, Mary Clifford, Virginia Street, Joanne Trebtoske, Madge Rutherford, Connie Llewellyn, Deedee Johnson, Betty Naffz, Lyda Dunham, Ruth Underwood, Edna Pedlar, Mary Edith Engle, Marge Moore, Helen Schaefer, Liz Pierce". A second note reads, "Sept 19, 1980 WASP Reunion at Dutch Inn, Buena Vista, Fla".
Date: September 19, 1980

[44-10 WASP Group on Stairs]

Description: Photograph of a group of WASP gathered for a photo on a set of carpeted stairs. The front row is holding up a blue banner that reads, "W.A.S.P. W.W.II 44-10 Women Air Force Service Pilots". The woman fourth from the right in the front row can be seen wearing a WASP shirt with a Fifinella and "Sweetwater Texas 86" printed on it.
Date: unknown

[44-10 WASP Reunion Group]

Description: Photograph of group of WASP standing on a small set of stair risers in an outdoor area. The women are wearing blue reunion name tags, and two members in the front are holding a dark blue WASP flag. A wide open landscape can be seen in the distance and a young girl can be seen standing in the background to the left. On the back of the photo notes naming the women that read, "Jean S. McCreery, Frankie Yearwood your bay mate, Peggy Wexler Gilreen ?, Trune Thors ? 44 10, Reeth Rutner Jurnecka - 44-10, Henrietta Sproat, Barbara Searles Squire ? 44-10, Ruth Glaser Guhse, Francie Weiner Park 44-10, Kay Hilbrandt 44-w-10, Nancy Hayes 44-10, Sara Payne Hayden, Dolores (Lambie) Lamb, June Leckie 44-10, Charyne Cregas 44-10, Libby Powers Barnes".
Date: unknown

[44-W4 Time Schedule]

Description: Memo from Group Commander E. A. Parker to Flight Commanders discussing the schedule for the 44-W4 class of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas.
Date: March 7, 1944
Creator: Parker, E. A.

[1903 Friendship Flyer]

Description: Photograph of a bi-wing glider craft on display inside a tent building. A woman can be seen to the left looking at the display with a shirt that reads, "Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co. Flight Crew". A sign to the bottom right of the photo can be seen with a title that reads, "1903 The Friendship Flyer, Built By Kids!".
Date: unknown

1984 W.A.S.P. Reunion

Description: Schedule for the 1984 WASP reunion celebration in San Diego, California, held at the Vacation Village Resort. The schedule includes addresses for the resort and registration, details for room reservation, information on optional activities, and the itinerary.
Date: 1984~