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Steam Engine and Hardware Store

Description: Photograph of group of men and boys standing in front and to the side of Montgomery - Hardware Co. and steam traction engine. The steam engine is ready to move the building to Follett, Texas from Ivanhoe, Oklahoma.
Date: 1917
Item Type: Photograph

Train, People, and Old Cars

Description: Photograph of the first train into Follett, Texas. There are two ladies looking out from inside the train and men, children, and old cars on the right side.
Date: November 1918
Item Type: Photograph

Follett, Texas Main Street, 1918

Description: Photograph looking straight down the main street of Follett, Texas. The street is a dirt road. On the left side of the road are electric poles and five buildings. On the right side of the road in the foreground is a field of brush, three tanks in front of a wooden building with a sign that says, "GARAGE", and three other buildings. The foreground is the dirt road.
Date: August 22, 1918
Item Type: Photograph