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Mrs. Smith With Her Twins

Description: Photograph of a Mrs. Smith with her twin babies. She is holding the babies in her lap, one in each arm. The babies wear white dresses and there is a blanket beneath them. Mrs. Smith wears a large light-colored apron and is looking down at the twin in her left arm.
Date: unknown

Christmas Tree in Union Church

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Lipscomb Union Church showing a decorated Christmas tree on the left side of the frame and a piano topped with lace and decorations on the right side. Tinsel, bows, and balls cover the tree with a star at the top. Behind the tree are rows of chairs and in front is a small railing. On the wall on the right side of the frame are two windows, a clock, four bows, and two wreaths. In the foreground is a row of five chairs, or pews. Two lights hang from the ceiling.
Date: unknown

Dr. Ira T. Smith Playing Checkers

Description: Photograph of Dr. Ira T. Smith playing checkers with another old man in a cowboy hat. They are sitting in metal chairs facing each other with the checkerboard on their knees. Dr. Smith holds a tobacco pipe in his mouth. They are seated next to a long building with doorways and windows. There are three women walking into the doorway on the right side of the frame. Two wear print dresses and one wears a white blouse with a printed skirt. There is a wooden chair in the foreground on the right side of the frame.
Date: unknown

Dad Wilhite

Description: Studio portrait of "Dad" Wilhite, Jake Wilhite's father. He is depicted from the chest up. He is wearing a dark suit with a dark vest and shirt and a light-colored tie. His hair parted the right side of his head and he has a large mustache.
Date: unknown

Abraham Borth and Dave Peil

Description: Photograph of Abraham Borth (standing) and David Peil (seated). David Peil wears a World War 1 uniform with hat. His left leg is on his right knee. Abraham Borth is standing behind him with his right hand resting on David Peil's right shoulder. Abraham Borth is dressed in a suit with a tie and hat. They are standing in front of a fake background with painted flowers and drapery. The photograph is held in a paper frame.
Date: unknown

Building and People After Tornado

Description: Photograph of three damaged buildings due to tornado. There are piles of wooden planks and other objects in front of the buildings. A group of people are collected on the right side of the frame and a man, woman, and child looking at them from the left side.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: Russell Minton

Sam and Bessie Robertson

Description: Photograph of Sam and Bessie Robertson. He is behind her and wears a suit with a blue tie and glasses. She has wavy white hair and is dressed in a floral-print blue dress with a pearl necklace, white earrings, and glasses. At the bottom of the mat studio name and/or photographer "Marquise" is embossed.
Date: unknown

Rose Turner and Geneva Wright with Tank Battery

Description: Photograph of Rose Merydith Turner (left) and Geneva Merydith Wright (right) standing in front of an oil tank battery. The tank battery is on the left side of the frame and there is a metal staircase in front of it. The two women stand in front of the staircase and wear blazers, skirts, and hats. Wright wears gloves and holds a purse.
Date: unknown

Debris After Tornado

Description: Photograph of large piles of debris that includes fallen walls, wooden boards, and tree limbs after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. On the left side of the frame is an old car and in the background a two-story building. On the right side of the frame is a road and several vehicles. There are many bare trees throughout the photograph.
Date: April 1947

Follett Village Improvement Committee

Description: Photograph of the Follett Village Improvement Committee. In the front row, from left to right, is Stanley Love, Devona Gadberry, Dorothy Schoenhals and John Heil. In the back from left to right is Floyd Thiessen, Darlis Nace, Pam Chase and Charles Skeen. The men wear trousers, belts and button-up shirts, two of the shirts are striped. Two of the men wear watches. Ms. Gadberry wears trousers and a blue blouse and Ms. Schoenhals wears a teal dress. Two men and two women wear glasses, one man has a mustache.
Date: unknown

Three Nurses Holding Babies

Description: Photograph of three nurses sitting at the top of the stairwell holding one newborn baby each. One is crouched in front of two seated nurses. One is looking at the baby she is holding, the other two look at the camera. All three are dressed in white nurse dresses and the babies are wrapped in white blankets. Their hair is pulled back into buns. In the foreground on the left side of the frame is the stairwell banister. On the far left is a partial figure of a person's back.
Date: unknown

Two Small Girls with Flowers

Description: Photograph of two small girls holding flowers. Both are wearing frilly white dresses. The girl on the left side of the photo has long brown curly hair. The girl on the right has short blond hair. They are standing in front of a rose bush that is in front of the porch of a house.
Date: unknown

Small Girl on Stoop

Description: Photograph of a little girl in a white dress, white tights, and black boots standing on the stoop of a large porch. The girl has short, dark, curly hair. On the left side of the frame is the railing to the porch with trees behind that. Behind the girl is a chair.
Date: unknown