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Coy Merydith Well

Description: Photograph of the Coy Merydith Well. The well is centered and there is an old car on the left side of the frame. In front of the well is a yellow camper, several metal bars and in front of them is an old blue commercial truck. On the right side of the frame is the tail end of another blue commercial truck with a hose coming out of the back. Behind the well are dirt hills.
Date: unknown

The Hamker Well

Description: Photograph of the Hamker Well. A truck pulling a wagon is front of the well on the right side of the frame. Four men stand in front of the truck. On the left side of the photo there is a small white structure and lots of metal pipe on the ground in front of it. Written on the top border is the date, "5-30-27" and written across the bottom border is, "The Hamker Well".
Date: unknown
Creator: Marquis

Gussie Shutterly's Well

Description: Photograph of Gussie Shutterly's Well. There is car parked on the very left side of the frame and two others on the right side of the frame. The well tower is centered and there are wires attached to it. There is a double exposure on the right side of the photograph that shows the back end of a car. Written across the bottom border is "Gussie Shutterly's Well. May 1959."
Date: May 1959

Blacksmith Shop

Description: Photograph of a blacksmith shop with two men standing in the doorway. One man wears overalls and a hat, the other man wears denim pants, a shirt and a hat and has his hands on his hips. In front of the shop on either side are two buggies and one plow. In the background are three buildings and in the foreground is a dirt road.
Date: unknown

Men and Women on Hay Wagon

Description: Photograph of fifteen women and fourteen men sitting and standing on a hay wagon hitched to a team of four dark horses. They are all looking at the camera and they all wear bonnets, hats, or cowboy hats. The women are wearing light-colored dresses and the the men have collared shirts on and some wear suits and ties. Behind them are two buildings. A sign on the building on the right side of the frame reads, "Real Estate and Cattle. Merydith and Co. School and RR Lands, Farms and Ranches". In the foreground is grass and weeds.
Date: unknown

The Lipscomb Hotel

Description: Photograph of the Lipscomb Hotel. The building is two-stories tall and has a front porch. Two men sit in chairs on the porch and one stands. All three are wearing hats. Above the porch is a sign that reads, "Lipscomb Hotel". On the right side of the frame is a horse and buggy facing the hotel. Behind the buggy is a fenced area with trees.
Date: unknown

Lipscomb Street North of Courthouse, 1998

Description: Photograph of a Lipscomb Street north of the Courthouse. There are three old, historically preserved buildings. The building closest building on the left side of the frame is white with a porch. The building in the middle is wooden and the third building on the right side of the frame is wooden with a tin roof. To side of the first building is an old wooden wagon. In front of the first building is a telephone pole and hitching post. There are tiny yellow flowers all over the ground.
Date: 1998

Men on Horseback and Family in Buggy

Description: Photograph of three men and three boys on horseback and one horse without a rider on the far right side of the frame. Two of the horses are white. On the left side of the frame next to the riders is a white horse hitched to a buggy with a man, woman, and two children in it. All of the men and boys wear button-up shirts and hats, one wears suspenders and two wear vests. The whole group is in a ditch filled with weeds. In the background behind a house on the left side of the frame is a light-colored house with a porch. In front of the house is an empty buggy. Next to the house on the right side of the frame is a windmill, outhouse, and many trees. In the foreground is dirt, grass, and weeds.
Date: unknown
Creator: Steele, F.M.

Ed Lehman in Model T Ford

Description: Photograph of Ed Lehman sitting in a Model T Ford. The front of the car faces the left side of the frame. His right hand is on the steering wheel and his body is angled towards the camera. He is wearing a suit with gloves and newsboy cap and he has a cigar in his mouth. Behind him are two horse-drawn vehicles, one with many drawers on it.
Date: unknown