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Display at Fair

Description: Photograph of a fair display. The display consists of labeled jarred goods, fruit and vegetables in a basket, two prairie dresses hung up on either side with a painting or drawing hanging in-between them. There are shoes, flowers, and a towel as well. Written in pen across the bottom is, " Bookers exhibit at Fair in Lipscomb".
Date: unknown

Building and People After Tornado

Description: Photograph of three damaged buildings due to tornado. There are piles of wooden planks and other objects in front of the buildings. A group of people are collected on the right side of the frame and a man, woman, and child looking at them from the left side.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: Russell Minton

Wheat Display at Fair

Description: Photograph of a fair display. Depicted beneath and in-between streamers are piles of good and bad seeds, milling, flour and bread. The labels on the back row read, from left to right, "Seed Approved Quality, Good Milling Quality, Good Flour, and Light Fluffy". The front row, from left to right, reads, "Seed, Undesirable Quality, Inferior Flour, and Soggy-Heavy." In front these piles is a lable reading "Booker". At the bottom, written in pen, are the words "Our Fair in Lipscomb KB".
Date: unknown

O.A. Crump

Description: Studio photograph taken of O.A. Crump at Knott's Berry Farm in California. He is sitting on a replica of a covered wagon pulled by a drawing of two oxen. There is a painted desert in the background. On the fake canvas of the wagon are the words, "Ghost Town or Bust!!" He is smiling and wears glasses with a hat, a tie, and a suit. Written on the bottom border in blue ink is, "O.A. Crump. Follett."
Date: unknown

Sam and Bessie Robertson

Description: Photograph of Sam and Bessie Robertson. He is behind her and wears a suit with a blue tie and glasses. She has wavy white hair and is dressed in a floral-print blue dress with a pearl necklace, white earrings, and glasses. At the bottom of the mat studio name and/or photographer "Marquise" is embossed.
Date: unknown

Rose Turner and Geneva Wright with Tank Battery

Description: Photograph of Rose Merydith Turner (left) and Geneva Merydith Wright (right) standing in front of an oil tank battery. The tank battery is on the left side of the frame and there is a metal staircase in front of it. The two women stand in front of the staircase and wear blazers, skirts, and hats. Wright wears gloves and holds a purse.
Date: unknown

Debris After Tornado

Description: Photograph of large piles of debris that includes fallen walls, wooden boards, and tree limbs after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. On the left side of the frame is an old car and in the background a two-story building. On the right side of the frame is a road and several vehicles. There are many bare trees throughout the photograph.
Date: April 1947

Matilda Harl Smith and Husband

Description: Photograph of Matilda Harl Smith and husband from the bust up. She is wearing a dark dress with puffed sleeves, ruffles, and a ruffled high collar. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest, white shirt, bow tie, and pocket watch chain. He has gray hair and a gray beard and mustache.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simington

Mother and Daughter Portrait

Description: Studio photograph of a woman holding a small girl. They are both wearing dark dresses with puffed sleeves and both have dark curled hair. The woman wears a necklace and earrings and the girl wears a pin. The woman's hair is held up with a hair pin.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simington

Agriculture Consolidated Farm Service Agengy and Conservation Building

Description: Photograph of the Agriculture Consolidated Farm Service Agengy and Soil Conservation Building in Follett, Texas. The building has two concrete walls with glass windows and a door in-between them. In front of the windows are four flower pots and a railing. There is a sign on the building that says, "Service Center". On the left hand side of the photograph is a handicap sign and several bushes. Behind the bushes in the background are telephone wires and tall white towers. In the foreground is a paved street with a center yellow stripe.
Date: unknown

Follett Village Improvement Committee

Description: Photograph of the Follett Village Improvement Committee. In the front row, from left to right, is Stanley Love, Devona Gadberry, Dorothy Schoenhals and John Heil. In the back from left to right is Floyd Thiessen, Darlis Nace, Pam Chase and Charles Skeen. The men wear trousers, belts and button-up shirts, two of the shirts are striped. Two of the men wear watches. Ms. Gadberry wears trousers and a blue blouse and Ms. Schoenhals wears a teal dress. Two men and two women wear glasses, one man has a mustache.
Date: unknown

Three Nurses Holding Babies

Description: Photograph of three nurses sitting at the top of the stairwell holding one newborn baby each. One is crouched in front of two seated nurses. One is looking at the baby she is holding, the other two look at the camera. All three are dressed in white nurse dresses and the babies are wrapped in white blankets. Their hair is pulled back into buns. In the foreground on the left side of the frame is the stairwell banister. On the far left is a partial figure of a person's back.
Date: unknown

Two Small Girls with Flowers

Description: Photograph of two small girls holding flowers. Both are wearing frilly white dresses. The girl on the left side of the photo has long brown curly hair. The girl on the right has short blond hair. They are standing in front of a rose bush that is in front of the porch of a house.
Date: unknown

Small Girl on Stoop

Description: Photograph of a little girl in a white dress, white tights, and black boots standing on the stoop of a large porch. The girl has short, dark, curly hair. On the left side of the frame is the railing to the porch with trees behind that. Behind the girl is a chair.
Date: unknown

Royal Inn Cafe, Follett, Texas

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Royal Inn Cafe in the Laubhan Hotel in Follett, Texas. In the foreground on the right side of the frame is a rug, an upholstered sofa, and a host stand. On the left side of the frame stretching all the way into the back of the room is a wooden bar with bar stools surrounding it. Behind the bar a shelf filled with many things including a cash register, cigar boxes, and plants. On the right side of the frame stretching to the back are four tables with chairs. The tables are covered in white tablecloths and have dining setups on them. At the back of the room stands two people, one man dressed as a server with a white apron and one woman wearing a white apron and cook's hat. There are two signs on the wall that read, "Hot Waffles" and "Home Made Pies".
Date: 1920