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Boy Sitting in Chair with Tassels

Description: Studio photograph of a small boy sitting in a one-armed decorative chair. The boy is wearing a dark short suit with stockings and boots. His hair is parted on the side and his left leg is bent underneath his right leg. The chair has a floral print on it and the edges have large tassels hanging from them. Behind him is a fake backdrop.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simington, J.M.

Tom and Hattie Bruce

Description: Studio portrait of Tom and Hattie Page Bruce. He is dressed in a suit with a bow tie and she is in a dress with puffy sleeves and lace. He is seated in an elaborate wicker chair atop a fur rug. Behind them is a painted backdrop.
Date: unknown

Lipscomb County Courthouse

Description: Photograph of a front-angled view of the Lipscomb County Courthouse. The court house is a large two-story building with basement windows. The front of the courthouse has 4 large pillars and stone steps leading to the entrance. Across the foreground is a decorative fence with a landscaped lawn behind it. A man stands in the center of the frame behind the fence working with a tool in his hands. There are clouds in the sky. Written on the side of the photograph in cursive is, " Lipscomb County Court House at Lipscomb".
Date: unknown
Location Info:

Maize Threshing

Description: Photograph of seven farmers using threshers to thresh maize. On the left side of the frame is a pile of maize and a steam engine with two men sitting on it. On the right side of the frame is a pile of cut maize with a thresher and five men standing on top of it. Next to the thresher is a team of two horses. The men wear overalls and hats. Typed across the bottom is, "This is a picture showing the threshing of maize. Be-"
Date: unknown

[Portrait of People Sitting in a Car and Standing in a Building]

Description: Photograph of a white building with sliding doors. One man is standing in the doorway, wearing a jacket, overalls and hat, and two men in hats are squatting in front of the doors. Next to the building is a Model-T Ford with one man in a suit, tie, and hat standing next to it, and one man, one woman, and five children in the car. All the people in the photograph are African-American. On the far left side of the frame is a small white building.
Date: unknown