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Building and People After Tornado

Description: Photograph of three damaged buildings due to tornado. There are piles of wooden planks and other objects in front of the buildings. A group of people are collected on the right side of the frame and a man, woman, and child looking at them from the left side.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: Russell Minton

Rose Turner and Geneva Wright with Tank Battery

Description: Photograph of Rose Merydith Turner (left) and Geneva Merydith Wright (right) standing in front of an oil tank battery. The tank battery is on the left side of the frame and there is a metal staircase in front of it. The two women stand in front of the staircase and wear blazers, skirts, and hats. Wright wears gloves and holds a purse.
Date: unknown

Lipscomb County Courthouse and Jail

Description: Photograph showing the Lipscomb County Courthouse from across the street on the buildings right side. Next to the left and in front of the courthouse is the jail and maintenance house. Around the courthouse lawn is a detailed fence. There are two trees on either side of the frame. On the left side of the frame there is a dark car parked beneath in the shade of a tree. Written across the bottom is, "Lipscomb County Court House at Lipscomb".
Date: unknown

Mildred Rice, Laura Sibley Barton, Jessie Lemaster, and "___" Rice Duke

Description: Photograph of the front of the Lipscomb County Courthouse in Lipscomb, Texas with Mildred Rice and Laura Sibley Barton sitting on the left side of the stairs and Jessie Lemaster and "___" Rice Duke sitting on the right side of the stairs (if you're facing the entrance). There are large pillars on the front of the courthouse. At the top it reads, "19 Lipscomb County 16". Behind the church on the right hand side of the frame is a small church building. The women's names are written across the bottom border.
Date: unknown

Four Hunters

Description: Photograph of four men at a hunting retreat. Each man wears a white shirt with high-wasted pants, three wear suspenders. All four wear hats, 3 have canteens and rifles, one holds a bow and arrow. All four also have cigars in their mouth. In front of them lie two dogs. They stand in front of a wooden hut with a sign that says "The Hunters Retreat". There are many trees in the background.
Date: unknown

Children with Doll and Dog

Description: Photograph of two children, one boy and one girl. The boy is on the right side of the frame with his hands on a dark dog that is facing him. The girl stands on his right wearing a white dress with white tights and a white bow in her hair. Her hand is on a stroller that contains a doll and blanket. Both stand next to the wall of a building.
Date: unknown

Blacksmith Shop

Description: Photograph of a blacksmith shop with two men standing in the doorway. One man wears overalls and a hat, the other man wears denim pants, a shirt and a hat and has his hands on his hips. In front of the shop on either side are two buggies and one plow. In the background are three buildings and in the foreground is a dirt road.
Date: unknown

Lipscomb County Courthouse

Description: Photograph of a straight on view of the Lipscomb County Courthouse. It is a two story building with a basement. There are four large pillars in the front of it with stairs leading to the front doors. A woman in a white shirt and long dark skirt stands in front of the doors. On the right side of the frame, behind the courthouse, is a small white church. There is another small white house on the left.
Date: unknown

Airplane with Unknown Pilot

Description: Photograph of an airplane with an unknown pilot that is wearing a helmet and goggles. The airplane is a double wing with "NC 6425" and on the back end. The propellers of the plane are in motion. The plane is sitting on a dirt ground with tire tracks.
Date: unknown

Coy Merydith Well

Description: Photograph of the Coy Merydith Well. The well is centered and there is an old car on the left side of the frame. In front of the well is a yellow camper, several metal bars and in front of them is an old blue commercial truck. On the right side of the frame is the tail end of another blue commercial truck with a hose coming out of the back. Behind the well are dirt hills.
Date: unknown

Gussie Shutterly's Well

Description: Photograph of Gussie Shutterly's Well. There is car parked on the very left side of the frame and two others on the right side of the frame. The well tower is centered and there are wires attached to it. There is a double exposure on the right side of the photograph that shows the back end of a car. Written across the bottom border is "Gussie Shutterly's Well. May 1959."
Date: May 1959

The Hamker Well

Description: Photograph of the Hamker Well. A truck pulling a wagon is front of the well on the right side of the frame. Four men stand in front of the truck. On the left side of the photo there is a small white structure and lots of metal pipe on the ground in front of it. Written on the top border is the date, "5-30-27" and written across the bottom border is, "The Hamker Well".
Date: unknown
Creator: Marquis

Men and Women on Hay Wagon

Description: Photograph of fifteen women and fourteen men sitting and standing on a hay wagon hitched to a team of four dark horses. They are all looking at the camera and they all wear bonnets, hats, or cowboy hats. The women are wearing light-colored dresses and the the men have collared shirts on and some wear suits and ties. Behind them are two buildings. A sign on the building on the right side of the frame reads, "Real Estate and Cattle. Merydith and Co. School and RR Lands, Farms and Ranches". In the foreground is grass and weeds.
Date: unknown