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Baby in a Basket

Description: Photograph of a baby sleeping in a wicker clothes basket. The baby is dressed in white and on top of a white pillow. The photograph is within an oval at the top of a white vertical postcard.
Date: unknown

[Baby in Bowl]

Description: Photograph of a very young baby not wearing any clothes, sitting in a small, white wash bowl. The child is leaning against a painted backdrop of an ornate wall and pot of flowers.
Date: unknown
Creator: Mugg, Kilo

Badly Damaged Building After Tornado

Description: Photograph of a two-story brick building that has been badly damaged after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. The windows of the building are gone, window screens hang from the second story windows, and the roof is missing. The foreground is covered in debris, including bricks and wooden boards. A sign on the left side of the frame reads, "Insurance".
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: McCurry, J. W.

Bill and Denny King

Description: Photograph of Bill and Denny King standing in a museum. They are both wearing white button-up shirts with leather belts and dark boots. She wears a black vest and black cowgirl hat with a silver hat band. She also wears rings, a bracelet, and a silver and turquoise necklace. He wears a yellow vest with fringe, a beige cowboy hat with silver hat band, a silver and turquoise bolo tie and a ring. He has glasses and a beard. Behind them are saddles, pictures, and notes that are King Family artifacts. In the foreground are three folding chairs.
Date: unknown

Black Family Portrait

Description: Photograph of the Black family on the stoop and porch of a house. There are twelve women, six women, five boys, one girl, and one baby and a dog. Eight women stand in the back row wearing skirts, dresses, and bow-ties. One holds a small girl. In the center of the group seated in a chair is an elderly woman dressed in black holding a baby dressed in white. On the left side of the frame stands a small boy to the right of a pillar with his right hand on a dog. Next to the dog are two hats on the porch.
Date: unknown

Blacksmith Shop

Description: Photograph of a blacksmith shop with two men standing in the doorway. One man wears overalls and a hat, the other man wears denim pants, a shirt and a hat and has his hands on his hips. In front of the shop on either side are two buggies and one plow. In the background are three buildings and in the foreground is a dirt road.
Date: unknown

The Boone Tyson Well

Description: Photograph of the Boone Tyson Well. Surrounding the well are four cars, three trucks, a camper, four tanks, a pile of long pipe and eight people on or around it. In the foreground are a man and woman standing next to a car. The date is printed on the top border of the photo, "May 56".
Date: May 1956

The Borth Brothers

Description: Studio portrait photograph of Gustaf, Abraham, Jake, Edward, and Reinhold Borth, brothers. Two younger-looking brothers are standing in-between and behind three older seated brothers. They all wear suits and patterned ties, three wear vests. The three seated brothers all have their right leg crossed on their left knee. They are all atop a decorative rug and in front of a fake backdrop. The edges of the rug and backdrop are visible and we can see a small area of the photographer's studio.
Date: unknown

A Boy, Girl and Baby

Description: Studio photograph of three children. On the left side of the photo stands a young girl in a white dress with lace, black stockings and boots and dark hair. On the left side is a small boy with a frilly shirt, short pants, dark stockings and boots, and an over-sized bow pinned to his shirt. Between the boy and girl is an elaborate wicker chair upon which sits a baby boy with blond hair who is wearing a long-sleeved white dress. They are standing on top of cloth and behind them is a fake backdrop.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simington

Boy Sitting in Chair with Tassels

Description: Studio photograph of a small boy sitting in a one-armed decorative chair. The boy is wearing a dark short suit with stockings and boots. His hair is parted on the side and his left leg is bent underneath his right leg. The chair has a floral print on it and the edges have large tassels hanging from them. Behind him is a fake backdrop.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simington, J.M.

Boys with Dogs and Bunnies

Description: Photograph of thirteen young boys and two women. Twelve of the boys are lined up and hold small dogs and rabbits. Three of the dogs are on leashes by the boys' feet. One boy in a denim jacket watches from the bottom right corner of the frame. All of the boys wear denim pants. One boy wears a hat. There are two trees behind the lineup.
Date: 1948

Building and People After Tornado

Description: Photograph of three damaged buildings due to tornado. There are piles of wooden planks and other objects in front of the buildings. A group of people are collected on the right side of the frame and a man, woman, and child looking at them from the left side.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: Russell Minton

Car and House After Tornado

Description: Photograph of a damaged car and house after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. The car is in the foreground on the left side of the frame and the house is in the background on the right side of the frame. The windows of th car and house are busted out and the roof of the house partially missing. All over the ground is scattered debris, including tree limbs, wooden boards, and pieces of metal.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: McMurry, J. W.

Car Dented with Bricks After Tornado

Description: Photograph of a car badly dented with bricks after the Higgins/Glazier, Texas Tornado. Behind the car is a row of damaged store fronts. The signs on the stores read, "Weis Dry Goods Company" and "Slack and Wassenmiller Grocery and Market". In the background on the left side of the frame is a group of men with a ladder and a man on top of the store's awning. On the right side of the frame behind the car is a group of men in hat and a boy carrying a broom.
Date: April 9, 1947
Creator: McCurry, J. W.