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Hermann Sons Hall - Poth
Photograph of large frame building with flames and smoke over it. Snow is on roof that isn't burnt.
[Inside Smith Drug Store]
Photograph of three women and two men inside the Smith Drug Store in Floresville, Texas. They are, from left to right, Altha Burkett; Theodore A. Rohr; Edwin Forrest Smith, Sr.; Mrs. Jess Beam; and Mrs. Thelma Brooks.
[Methodist Church Choir]
Photograph of the Floresville, Texas Methodist Church choir in the choir loft behind the pulpit. A woman sits at a piano to the left.
[People at Library]
Photograph of two women and two children standing under the awning at the front entrance to the Martha Eschenberg Public Library in Floresville, Texas. A tree is visible in the background.
Sheriff Paul Ermler, 1946-1952
Portrait of Paul Ermler, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a dark-colored shirt and jacket with a hat. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Paul Ermler, 1946-52." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherrif [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, Nov. 1990."