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Single-Story House on 1st Street

Description: Photograph of a white, wood-paneled house in Floresville, Texas. The house is a single story with a conical point in the center and a wrap-around porch. The front of the house is hedged by bushes and there are trees and other plants surrounding the building. Text on the back of the photograph says, "Single frame house, 1st Street."
Date: 2010
Creator: Liles, Maurine

First Grand Jury of Wilson County

Description: Photograph of fourteen men who were members of the first grand jury in Wilson County, Texas. They are posing together in two rows in front of an interior wall. Handwritten information on the back includes the names of the jurors and a note that says, "Aug 5, 1960, Sam Fere, Jr.'s Aunt. 1st Grand Jury of Wilson Co." First row (seated): N. B. Patterson, Herb Polley, Mr. Flores, S. V. Houston, Mr. Houck, P. J. Henry. Back row (standing): Nemencio de la Zerda, C. Sikes, Martin Covington, T. A. Hardin, J. A. McDonald, James Brown (county attorney), J. Kolodziej, Billie Atkinson (district attorney).
Date: unknown

[Portrait of D. Richard Voges, Jr.]

Description: Cropped copy-photograph of a young man in a bust pose. He is wearing a light-colored shirt with a black jacket and tie. Above his portrait is the word "Bailiff" and, below: "D. Richard Voges - Jr. - Tex." The edge of another photograph is visible on the left side of the page.
Date: unknown

Postcard of Robert Carl Alexander and Wife

Description: Postcard of a couple photographed together, identified as Robert Carl Alexander (the Probate Judge for Wilson County 1919-1926) and his wife, Mary Emmeline. They are both visible from the chest up, wearing light-colored shirts; Robert is also wearing a checkered bow tie. A letter, addressed to "Mrs. Hattie", was written on the back of the postcard and has been obscured by other handwritten notes in various inks that were added later. The original text appears to read: "Dear Sister, Many thanks for the nice present you sent me. I will remember [...] when I come [...] time."
Date: unknown

San Antonio River Bridge

Description: Photograph of an unidentified woman at the San Antonio River Bridge near Floresville, Texas. The woman is wearing dark-colored clothing and is seated on log near the dry river bed with the bridge in the background. The shadow from the photographer can be seen in the bottom corner. A handwritten note in the lower-right corner says "San Antonio River Bridge, Hwy 97 west of Floresville."
Date: unknown

Street Scene

Description: Copy print of a street scene of the business district in downtown Floresville, Texas. The vantage point is from Third Street looking southeast toward "C" Street, toward the courthouse. There are buildings on either side of the street and cars are parked outside the businesses. Text at the top of the image says "Third Street, Looking Southeast, Floresville, Texas."
Date: unknown
Location Info:

Street Scene, Floresville, Texas

Description: Copy print of a street scene of the business district in Floresville, Texas. A series of storefronts are visible along one side of the street and there are horse-drawn wagons lined up in the road. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "3rd Street across from Courthouse Square."
Date: unknown
Location Info:

Asa Fuller, Sheriff 1961-1980

Description: Portrait of Asa Fuller, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, seated behind a desk. He is leaning back in an office chair with his left leg crossed over his right knee and he is smoking a cigarette; his badge is visible in his breast pocket. There is an ashtray on the desk in front of him, as well as a folded newspaper and various other documents. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Asa G. Fuller, 1961-1980." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherriff [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, Nov. 1990."
Date: 1961/1980

Sheriff Paul Ermler, 1946-1952

Description: Portrait of Paul Ermler, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a dark-colored shirt and jacket with a hat. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Paul Ermler, 1946-52." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherrif [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, Nov. 1990."
Date: 1946/1952

Sheriff George Boothe, 1937-1938

Description: Portrait of George Boothe, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, standing out-of-doors in front of an unidentified building. He is wearing a light-colored uniform with a dark tie as well as a hat and utility belt holding bullets. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Sheriff Boot[he"]. George Boothe, 1937 to 1938, Mrs. Geo. Boothe was appointed sherrif [sic] in May 1939 due to the death of her husband." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherriff [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, 1990."
Date: 1937/1938

Saspamco-Sewer Pipe Factory, 1914-1915

Description: Three photographs of the San Antonio Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company factory in Saspamco, Texas. At the top, two men wearing suits and hats are standing on a brick wall, in front of two additional brick-wall tiers; the ground below them appears to be graveled. The photograph on the bottom-left appears to be the front of the factory; the building has checkered brick-patterns and a series of windows. The third photo, on the right side shows a dirt path outside the factory. Pipe pieces are stacked to the right of the path and, on the left, various other items are stacked around curved fencing; several tall pillars are visible in the background. Text below the photographs says: "Saspamco -- Sewer Pipe Factory, Around 1914 or 1915."
Date: 1914/1915~