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Asa Fuller, Sheriff 1961-1980
Portrait of Asa Fuller, sheriff of Wilson County, Texas, seated behind a desk. He is leaning back in an office chair with his left leg crossed over his right knee and he is smoking a cigarette; his badge is visible in his breast pocket. There is an ashtray on the desk in front of him, as well as a folded newspaper and various other documents. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says: "Asa G. Fuller, 1961-1980." and "WCHS prop., donated by Sherriff [sic] 'Pete' Bauman, Nov. 1990."
Gail Schrieber at Rancho De Los Cabras Ruins
Photograph of...
[Man Waving in Car]
Photograph of two men in a car, including Judge Voges waving on the right, during the Wilson County centennial in Floresville, Texas. A line of people stands in front of the Wilson County Telephone Company building in the background.