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[Two Story House]

Description: Photograph of a large two-story house, the home of Nancy and Paul Traeger, on 3rd Street and East Street in Floresville, Texas. There is a row of bushes in front of the house's porch.
Date: July 3, 2010
Creator: Liles, Maurine

[Sutherland House]

Description: Photograph of the house of John and Callie Sutherland in Sutherland Springs, Texas. There is a tree in front of the house, and the porch is cluttered with chairs and rugs and other knick-knacks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Grammer, Shirley

[Courthouse Officials]

Description: Photograph of a group of courthouse officials and a small child on the steps of a brick building. Two of the men in the front row are John Erskine Wiseman and Judge E. D. Mayes, and the three men in the back row are Mr. Trice, L. B. Moseley, and Otho Irvin. The rest are, in no order, John McDaniel, Clem McDaniel, Frank Henson, Albert McDaniel, and Nomenico de la Zerda.
Date: unknown